Meet the Sister Duo Behind Omsom: Kim and Vanessa Pham

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Kim and Vanessa Pham, the dynamic sister duo behind Omsom, have revolutionized the way people experience Asian cuisine at home. The children of Vietnamese refugees, Kim and Vanessa grew up in Boston, where their high-achieving nature was evident from a young age. Both sisters ventured into impressive careers—Kim in startups and Vanessa in management consulting—before deciding in 2018 to embark on a more personal and culturally significant journey.

Motivated by their Vietnamese heritage and a desire to elevate Asian cuisine from the confines of the “ethnic food” aisles in grocery stores, the Pham sisters founded Omsom. Their mission was clear: to lower the barrier to accessing authentic Asian ingredients and flavors, enabling people to cook genuine Asian meals at home. The name Omsom, which loosely translates to “rowdy” in Vietnamese, reflects their “loud and proud” approach to celebrating Asian culture.

Launched in May 2020, during the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic, Omsom’s initial meal starter kits sold out within 72 hours. This impressive debut was just the beginning. The sisters’ innovative products quickly resonated with Asian Americans and other consumers who sought to embrace and celebrate Asian culinary traditions. Omsom’s branding and products have successfully bridged cultural gaps, empowering people to take pride in their heritage without being confined to stereotypes.

Second Life Podcast

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Since their launch, the two have expanded Omsom’s product line, forming partnerships with dynamic Asian chefs and introducing their products to Whole Foods. Through these efforts, they continue to educate customers on Asian culture and redefine the American pantry. Kim and Vanessa Pham’s entrepreneurial journey with Omsom exemplifies their commitment to honoring their roots while making Asian cuisine accessible and celebrated in every household.

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