Yes, You Can Wear Lingerie Outside the Bedroom—12 It Girls Show Us How


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Lingerie can be tricky. As beautiful as it can be, oftentimes it’s only seen in the bedroom or the comfort of your own home. However, with the rise in the number of lace bodysuits and sleek slip dresses on the market, sporting lingerie outfits outside of the bedroom and showing them off to the world has become a go-to way to sport a chic look appropriate for a night out—or if you’re feeling daring, during the day as well.

All that to be said, finding unique ways to style your favorite lingerie pieces can be especially hard. You want to take inspiration from the boudoir without feeling like you’re revealing too much. The good news is, there are multiple levels in which you can wear your lingerie in public. To give you ample sartorial inspiration your next sultry look, we pulled looks from favorite It girls show you exactly how it’s done. Check them all out below and then shop each look for yourself. 


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Style Tip: Wear a long-sleeve bodysuit under a minidress for a unique layered look.


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Style Tip: You can never go wrong with a minimalist slip dress and a cardigan.


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Style Tip: Wear your favorite lace bralette under a sheer blouse for a stylish, unexpected day-to-night ensemble.


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Style Tip: A lace bustier styled with a blazer and trousers will always look elegant.


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Style Tip: If you don't want to show your lingerie completely, let the lace edges peak from under your sweater.


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Style Tip: For a cool, casual going -out look, pair your bralette and sheer blouse with a pair of light-wash jeans.


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Style Tip: Need an easy look for everyday? Opt for a comfortable bodysuit and jeans.


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Style Tip: A slip dress with lace trim will go with nearly anything you wear.


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Style Tip: Sport a camisole with lace trim under a blazer for an office-approved look.


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Style Tip: Ready for a showstopping going-out look? A lace bralette underneath a blazer will be head-turning.


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Style Tip: A strapless bodysuit can be worn with a number of things, including tapered trousers and a blazer, making it perfect for dressier occasions.


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Style Tip: Want to go bold? Opt for a printed bustier with high-waisted trousers for a look worthy of an Instagram.

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