16 Sweaters You Should Buy and Leave at Your Freezing Office All Summer

I knew that headline was relatable! After all, who hasn’t experienced this? Summer arrives, it’s 80 degrees outside (as it is in NYC on the day that I’m writing this story), you finally figure out how to put a decent outfit together that you won’t sweat in, and confidently strut into work only to remember that your office is freezing and you, of course, have no jacket or sweater with you.

What’s a girl to do? You could shiver all day, go home and pick something up, try to borrow something from a co-worker… none of which are options I, personally, am particularly jazzed about, if you can’t tell. My solution? The office sweater. From late May through early September, there’s a cute-but-cozy hoodie at my desk at all times so that when the office AC hits, I’m prepared to strike back. To see the one that’s currently taking up real estate on my chair and, of course, to shop 15 other sweaters and sweatshirts I’m loving right now, just keep scrolling.  

TBH, I want to just buy this so I can save it until fall and re-create this look.

You can't beat Everlane's affordable cashmere.

Zipped hoodies are the easiest to throw on and off between lunch and coffee breaks.

You can't go wrong with anything from Madhappy.

Our resident Zara expert, Lauren, says that this is the best sweater at Zara right now.

Yes, it's technically a men's sweatshirt, but we're into it anyway.

Pairs well with midi skirts? We're sold.

There's no limit to our love of the tie-dye trend this season.

Cotton means you might even be able to wear this outside the office.

Buying a Ganni sweater on sale is always a good idea.

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