Ultimate French Girl Jeanne Damas Has a Beauty Brand You'll Love

It's nearly impossible to search for French-girl style without seeing French It girl Jeanne Damas or someone sporting her Parisian-inspired line of clothing, Rouje. From its playful florals to classic and trendy denim, the brand has continued to redefine effortlessly feminine French-girl style while, all at once, making it accessible for anyone and everyone wants to give it a try. But here's the best part: Damas also created a beauty brand: Les Filles en Rouje. Launched initially as The Rouje Beauté (just two years after Rouje), the beauty brand was relaunched as Les Filles en Rouje in April 2022 with the introduction of its first face palette. The name loosely translates as Girls in Red, referring to Damas' signature color.


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From vivid shades of scarlet to deep mahogany, Damas' fierce admiration for red is indisputable. Describing red as a "color with character, that reveals more than it hides. She went on to share why it was chosen as part of the brand's name. "This vision of femininity is what I first wanted to express in a ready-to-wear brand, Rouje," Damas explained. "It was time for me to dedicate more space to beauty within my universe and to share what it represents for me. With Les Filles en Rouje, I want to speak to everyone and reveal beauty without a filter."

The designer's message of unfiltered beauty has also understandably sparked a new interest in the French-girl lifestyle; first through her extensive social media platform of over 1.5 million followers on Instagram, and then through the launch of her bestselling fashion line and beauty brand.


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According to Jeanne, the raison d'être behind Les Filles en Rouje is what we, as a culture, associate with being natural. "[Les Filles en Rouje] cares about the person in front of us. We don't want to hide, we want to sublimate," says Damas. This, she described, "is a new wave of beauty," giving life to moments, spirits, and interpretations rather than definitions and singular looks.

In other words, the goal is to inspire a view of beauty that's not just tied to appearance. For Damas, beauty is an attitude and a state of mind found in everyday life.


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"This is the impression I wanted to convey at Les Filles en Rouje. With intuitive, no-frills products that you can apply with your finger and play with," shares Damas. "For me, makeup is made to enhance what you already have, your natural beauty and what we often call your 'little flaws,' which actually make all the charm." The makeup brand is a pure reflection of this; focusing on products that serve as the true basics of every non-fuss, Parisian-inspired makeup look. 

Damas even shared with me her secret to achieving the perfect 'French Girl' vibe using her favorite Les Filles en Rouje. She uses the, "La Lip Palette Chaleur for a fresh complexion with beautiful rosy cheeks, the Recourbe-cils (The Eyelash Curler) and Mascara to open up your eyes, and we finish with a beautiful red mouth with the Stylo Louise, a must." For quick touch-ups and added color, it's all about The Palette Visage. Read on to learn more about Damas' favorite products.

Jeanne's Favorite Things


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