The Free Layering Trick Fashion Editors Have Been Doing Since September

If you have ever doubted whether fashion and practical dressing could go hand in hand, this clever layering trend is about to put the matter to rest once and for all. Thanks to designers such as Gabriela Hearst and Balenciaga, fashion editors everywhere have been making like Joey Tribbiani and layering up their coats and jackets like there's no tomorrow. From leopard print over denim to checks piled on top of checks, it's a veritable outwear free-for-all.


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While at first, this might seem like just another fashion fad (okay, so maybe it is a little bit), the best thing about this trend is that it answers the age-old dilemma of how to stay stylish while keeping the December chill at bay. The key to re-creating the look without resembling the Michelin man is balancing textures and fabric weight.

Best to leave your puffa coat at home and instead unpack your favourite spring and autumn cover-ups (think denim jackets, trenches and structured blazers). It's all about light, insulating layers that—when thrown together—create a chic, pulled-together finish without the bulk of woolly jumpers. Intrigued? Scroll down to discover six ways to make this tricky trend work for you.

Go Tonal


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Style Notes: Oh, Eva Chen, we never get bored of your infinite ability to roll out cool-girl outfits with a smile on your face. No doubt inspired by this year's penchant for tonal fashion, Eva's look gives her white tee and jeans the perfect pop of colour. Just make sure the hues are complementary rather than clashing.


Elevate Your Denim Jacket


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Style Notes: The moment we saw this blogger strutting her stuff at Paris Fashion Week, we knew we'd be copying her cool ensemble. Give this season's animal print an urban twist with a bleach denim jacket and a pair of your favourite straight-leg jeans—the Canadian tuxedo never looked so chic.


Play With Contrasting Silhouettes


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Style Notes: Ignoring the fact that this fashion editor appears to only be half wearing her coat (maybe a styling hack too far?), this outfit is still a stylish example of how juxtaposing different silhouettes is an easy way to create a dramatic finish. Try & Other Stories' belted safari jacket layered under Loewe's cocoon cream coat.

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Create a Clash With Matching Prints


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Style Notes: If you want to make your life simpler (and let's face it, who doesn't?), approach the trend as you would a suit (aka stick to matching prints). This showgoer has cleverly used a fitted blazer and tailored coat—both in heritage check—to create a polished double-up effect. Perfect for work.


Create Light Layers With a Trench


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Style Notes: For the weekend, we'll be taking our cues from Pernille and digging out our spring trenches. Go a size up for extra fashion points and wear over a light jacket (denim works well). Watch your wardrobe staples instantly become catwalk-worthy.


Mix It Up With Contrasting Textures


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Style Notes: The jacket layering hack needn't be constrained to minimalist pieces, as proven by this showgoer, who layers a patent coat over a jazzy sequinned blazer. We'll be trying this look over an LBD for our next Christmas look.


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