The $50 Items With the Best Cost Per Wear, According to Lauren Conrad

Lauren Conrad Launches Sleepwear


LC Lauren Conrad

Think about the item in your closet that you wear the most. Chances are it's not your beloved concert tee, your go-to jeans, or even your favorite sneakers. When it comes down to it, the pieces you wear every single day are probably sleepwear. As much as you love your jeans, for instance, there will inevitably be days when you have to wear something dressier or more weather-appropriate. With sleepwear, however, nothing typically influences your decision other than what's cute and comfortable for you—and there's a lot of freedom in that.

Lauren Conrad knows the value of investing in the perfect sleepwear pieces that will have the best cost per wear in your entire closet. She just launched a new collection as part of her LC Lauren Conrad collection at Kohl's, so I went straight to the source to ask her about the new pieces. When I quizzed Conrad about the item she would wear seven days a week, she was quick to highlight her favorite pieces. "I love the sets we designed," she told me. "After a long day, I can't wait to get into something comfortable, but I'd still like to feel good about what I'm wearing. We incorporated a lot of the same feminine details—like modern florals, effortless stripes, smocking, ruffles, and cute prints—that appear in our ready-to-wear line into this sleep line for that reason."

Conrad also called out another piece from the launch: the robes. "I love the robes that we created in my Kohl's LC Lauren Conrad sleep collection," Conrad told Who What Wear. "They are cozy pieces that are offered in sweet prints and made of soft jersey. They are perfect to layer over your sleepwear in the evening or when you wake up." Scroll down to shop the new pieces.

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