All My Friends Keep Asking Me to Find Vintage Blouses Like Laura Marling's

As shopping galleries go, I do concede this is a somewhat niche one, but after three separate friends over the last month asked me whether I could find them a vintage blouse like Laura Marling's, I knew that a trend was afoot. I am not exactly known for my musical prowess, so up until now, I had not ventured onto Marling's Instagram feed, but I have been informed that over lockdown, she has been posting guitar tutorial videos for her adoring fans (just too cute). While fashion is hardly front and centre of said videos, in many of them, you get a tantalising glimpse of a white blouse trimmed with delicate lace. 


(Image credit: @lauramarling)

I might not be a music buff, but I do consider myself a bit of a vintage-fashion fanatic, and something tells me that there might be a few of our readers who are a little (read: a lot) in love with the singer's chic smock tops, so I wasted no time in delving into the online archive. Luckily for us, these '80s, Victorian-inspired blouses are in abundance on resale platforms such as Etsy and Rokit right now. After a bit of digging, I managed to find 18 pieces that offer the same throwback cool that Marling so beautifully embodies in her videos. Versatile and easy to style, they're begging to be worn with high-waisted jeans and tucked into cowboy boots for the full Princess Di vibe.


(Image credit: @lauramarling)

So whether you're a Laura lover or simply craving a bit of vintage appeal in your transitional wardrobe, scroll down to see and shop my Marling-inspired blouse edit.

Shop my vintage-blouse edit:

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