The Fall Shoe Trends NYC Girls Are Stoked About

Nothing gets fashion girls stoked out of their minds like a good old-fashioned change of seasons. What might seem like an annoyance to some, others (i.e., the fashion-obsessed) view shopping for a new fall wardrobe as a true joy. Here to expand on the fall shoes they're loving now is a handful of some of NYC's most stylish women. Because if we've learned anything over the years, it's that New Yorkers are always somehow one step ahead of the curve.

Each varying in occupation and style, the following ladies are here today to gladly spill the variety of shoe trends they'll be strutting around the city come fall. Below you'll find a slew of the freshest sneakers, strappy heels, boots, and more, each perfectly suited to the NYC fashion girls we so admire here at Who What Wear. Ready to shop their heart-throbbing selections?