2 Things a KonMari Master Would Remove From Your Closet ASAP

If you were one of the people who binge-watched Tidying Up With Marie Kondo when the show first aired on Netflix at the start of the year, I'll give you a free pass on this one. You're probably more aware than the average person about what sparking joy is all about and how that can be applied to your closet. For the rest of us who didn't feel the urge to do some major spring cleaning in our closets until just now (this editor included), then you might just take the following advice and run with it. After all, what better time to spring clean your closet than on the official start to spring?

A closet overhaul can be daunting, though, which is why we chatted with organization expert Caitlin Roberts who shared the two clothing items you should focus on gutting before anything else. Fun fact: Roberts is only one of two people to ever be appointed a master consultant from Marie Kondo herself. Impressive, right? As much as I wish Roberts could provide a full assessment of my own closet (call me if you're ever available, Caitlin!), I only had a few short minutes to chat, so I pressed her about which items she'd immediately remove from my closet, or anyone's closet, without question.

Scroll down to find out which pieces Roberts is putting on the chopping block and then shop the pieces that are basically guaranteed to spark joy.

1. Anything with rips, tears, or holes that's beyond the point of no return

"Jeans that are duct-taped together," Roberts began. While not all of us deal with that exact scenario, I'm sure you have one or a few items that you're holding on to despite stains, rips, or other blemishes that keep you from actually wearing these clothes. She made a good point that if you're not making the effort to properly repair and care for these pieces, then they likely don't deserve to take up space in your closet. She says to think of your closet as valuable real estate—you wouldn't want to pay a portion of your rent to house clothes you're not even wearing, would you? Point taken.

2. Pieces that carry unnecessary emotional baggage

That sweater that always reminds you of an ex-S.O. or those earrings your grandmother passed down to you but are definitely not your style? These need to go. Roberts advises ridding your closet (and your headspace) of these pieces that dredge up negative memories that you may be keeping solely because you feel you have to. She pointed out part of working one-on-one with her clients involves finding people to sell or donate these things to who will fully appreciate them, so you don't feel you have to simply throw them in the trash (especially if they hold value).

Now, shop pieces that are sure to spark joy:

I'm currently pinching pennies for these bad boys.

I'd wear this even when the forecast says 0% chance of rain.

Doesn't she look delighted to be wearing this spring-perfect jumpsuit?

Also available in more sizes.

Infuse some blissed-out vacation vibes into your everyday look.

Denim cycling shorts are a trend I'm super game to try, starting with these.

Way more fun than all your basic black bikinis.

You'll never be bored wearing this. Promise.

Wearing your bag on your shoulder is so last season, didn't you hear?

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