9 Items a Fashion Editor Would Remove From Any Closet

If you’ve ever googled how to clean your closet, there are a ton of approaches, everything from sparking joy Marie Kondo–style to doing a 50-50 purge. And while any of these methods is likely to help you clear out your crowded wardrobe, sometimes it’s easiest to go straight for the low-hanging fruit, or the items that are taking up space but definitely won’t be missed. To home in on your closet freeloaders, we went to our editors for their opinion. Scroll down to see which pieces made it onto the chopping block, from old bridesmaid dresses (sorry—it was wishful thinking that you’d wear it again) to shoes that give you blisters every darn time.

1. TOSS: Uncomfortable Shoes
KEEP: Shoes You Can Walk In

"From tall heels that are too challenging to walk in to sandals that cause blisters every time, you shouldn't make room in your closet for any uncomfortable shoes." — Kristen Nichols, associate editor

2. TOSS: Jean Duplicates
KEEP: Your Favorite Pair in Each Style

"Whenever I'm cleaning out my closet, I try to donate any jean styles that I have duplicates of. For example, I don't need three pairs of high-rise flared jeans or several skinny jeans that look almost identical, so it's nice to clean out my denim collection and narrow it down to the essentials." — Michelle Scanga, managing editor

3. TOSS: Bridesmaid Dresses
KEEP: Versatile Formal Dresses

Unless you truly have a sentimental attachment to an old bridesmaid's dress, I don't think it needs to take up space in your closet. Of course, we were happy to buy it and honored to be a part of someone's special day, but if it's going to sit there unworn, I'd suggest donating the formalwear to women who wouldn't otherwise have easy access to it." — Gina Marinelli, senior editor


4. TOSS: "Dead" Bras
KEEP: Quality Bras in Good Shape

"I'd immediately remove any 'dead' bras from any closet. You know the kind—they're stretched out, they pill, and the underwire is about ready to bust open. These are doing you no favors whatsoever, so it's probably time to pick up a quality bra that you'll actually want to put on every day." — Anna LaPlaca, assistant editor

5. TOSS: Bomber Jacket
KEEP: Denim Jacket

"Bomber jackets don't feel particularly fresh anymore, so I'd donate those. I think it may be a while before they come back around, but come back around they will." — Allyson Payer, editor

6. TOSS: Multiples You Don't Wear
KEEP: The Best Version of Your Staples

How to Clean Your Closet: Keep Only Your Favorites



"Let's say you have two very similar items (this can be anything from a button-down shirt to a printed skirt) but always reach for one over the other; I would say toss the one you never pull for. If you always choose the 'cuter version' of that top, why keep the less cute ones? They're just crowding your closet at this point." — Lauren Eggertsen, editor

7. TOSS: Clothes That Don't Fit
KEEP: Clothes That Make You Feel Good

"Anything too small. As someone who has trouble doing this myself, I know how hard it can be to let go of those items you're hoping will someday fit. However, if you haven't been able to wear it in years (and it can't be somehow tailored), odds are you won't be anytime soon—and that's okay! Wear things you feel good in." — Nicole Akhtarzad, market editor

8. TOSS: Shredded Denim
KEEP: Mildly Distressed and Clean Denim

"I would donate any overly ripped/shredded jeans because sleeker jeans are more versatile and suitable for a wider variety of occasions." — Erin Fitzpatrick, senior news editor

9. TOSS: Items You Always Have to Adjust
KEEP: Items That Fit Well

How to Clean Your Closet: Donate Ill-Fitting Items



"You know those annoying items in your closet that you want to love but that always need adjusting? It's the item that needs a safety pin to keep the just-a-tad-too-high slit closed, or the top with the straps that always fall off. These items aren't worth it in the long run, unless you think you'll take the trouble of getting them tailored." — Kat Collings, editor in chief