7 French-Girl Inspired Outfits to Shop at Kmart

It’s no secret that French girls have exquisite taste. From date night outfits, to lingerie shopping, it seems there’s nothing our chic sisters overseas haven’t perfected. Nailing the art of classic meets trendy, French-girl style is never overdone, and always makes us wonder we we didn't think their outfit combinations before. 

Because they are so well-known for their fashion taste, it only makes sense that we find ourselves turning to French women time and time again for outfit inspiration. But sometimes, doing so can leave you feeling helpless with the wardrobe you already have. To get that French-girl style, it sometimes seems like an entire closet overhaul and shopping spree is the only solution.

Thankfully, adding a few simple staple pieces can make all the difference. Better yet, these staples aren’t too hard to find, and are often hiding in plain sight in some of our favourite budget-friendly stores. One that seems to have it all? Kmart, of course. 

Believe it or not, Kmart is actually a great place to start shopping French-girl inspired outfits. Scouring the women's clothing section (and men's for things like oversize sweaters) is a good place to start shopping for your new favourite style. Not only do they provide the exact kinds of basics that serve as a good foundation for any closet, but the prices really are unbeatable. If French-girl dressing is something you want to try, but don’t know where to start (or don’t have a huge budget for a complete wardrobe makeover), head to your local Kmart to start shopping some of these outfits, inspired by our favourite French fashion girls.


Slouchy Jumper + Ripped Jeans + Bucket Bag + Lace-Up Boots
(Image credit: @sabinasocol)


Beret + Turtleneck + Watch + Jeans
(Image credit: @adenorah)


Check Blazer + Knit Dress + Knee-High Boots
(Image credit: @jeannedamas)


Ribbed Sweater + Wrap Coat + Gold Necklace
(Image credit: @crystalmrr)


Puffer Jacket + Crossbody Bag + Bootleg Jeans + Ankle Boots
(Image credit: @louisefollain)


Oversized Sunglasses + Blazer + Baggy Jeans + White Sneakers
(Image credit: @carolinedemaigret)


Slouchy Jumper + Denim Skirt + Slingbacks
(Image credit: @adenorah)

Opening Image Credits: Getty Images