Copy Kim Kardashian’s New Look for Less Than $150

With Kim Kardashian West’s return to social media last week, we’ve been keeping a close eye on her Instagram and Snapchat accounts to catch any glimpse we can into her 2017 style. Last week, she surprised us with her first selfie of the year, featuring a lip ring. Then, she stepped out in a pair of ‘naked jeans’, and today, she shared a snap on Instagram featuring the ‘ugly’ shoes that ruled 2016—furry slides. It's not the first time she's worn the trend—the reality TV star was spotted wearing it in back in August last year, but like anything a Kardashian-Jenner touches, it turns to gold. With her endorsement we can expect the shoe style to stick around. In her most recent post, Kim can be seen wearing the slides with an oversized tee (another trend she loves).

And with Kim's return to social media, we’re excited to see how her style evolves this year. It’s ever-changing, and from what we can see so far, it seems like she’s heavily inspired by the relaxed athletic/street vibe of Vetements as well as her husband Kanye West’s label Yeezy.

Scroll down to peep Kim in 2016’s biggest shoe trend, and shop the look for yourself.

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Opening image: Splash News

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