Kendall Jenner Is Sticking to This New Outfit Formula

Not that long ago, Kendall Jenner wrote on her website, "Last year, I was all about skinny high-waisted jeans with crop tops, but recently, I've been loving baggy high-waisted jeans with vintage tees." Following her declaration, we spotted Jenner in this exact outfit formula running around fashion week.

Over the weekend, Kendall took her new favourite outfit combo for a second spin, and we're so ready to replicate it ourselves. It feels fresh, different, and gives a whole new reason to raid our boyfriend/husband/brother/roommate's wardrobes. The easiest way to achieve the look is to wear a pair of jeans a few sizes too big, and use a belt to secure tightly around the waist.

If borrowing from the boys isn't your vibe, we've tracked down three pairs of baggy jeans from the women's section, that you can wear to recreate the look. Keep scrolling to peep and shop.


Take note of how Kendall uses a belt to create a paper bag waist.


(Image credit: Splash News)

We love how Kendall ties the look together by matching her booties to her sweater.


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Amanda Bardas