EXCLUSIVE: Karen Walker Shares Her Pre-Fashion Week Rituals

Each season, we see the Karen Walker mainline collection sashay down the runway at New York Fashion Week and mentally create a wish list of what we’re going to add-to-cart. Karen Walker can do that. Her pieces are so unique, that once something is in your head, it stays there. The label was founded in 1988 and in the last (almost) three decades, has gone on to become one of the most-recognised brands in the world.  Chic, signature sunglasses, eccentric prints, and off-beat designs have made Karen Walker a go-to label for It-girls like Alexa Chung and Rihanna.

In the lead up to her NYFW show, we sat down with Karen Walker to find out how she stays calm amid the frenzy. Keep scrolling for her ultimate way to relax and un-wind.


Courtesy of Karen Walker

Who What Wear Australia: How long ago did you start prepping for this New York Fashion Week show?

Karen Walker: We start designing the February show range in August, so it’s a six or seven month design process, more or less.

WWW: How did you stay calm amid the frenzy?

KW: Yoga, meditation, early nights and a great team. All these elements help, plus I always get a full night’s sleep the night before the show.


Courtesy of Karen Walker

WWW: What’s your beauty routine in the lead up?

KW: Same as the rest of the year—Osmosis everything and a healthy lifestyle. And early nights and yoga do more for looking fresh than any amount of facials.

WWW: What’s your favourite moment throughout NYFW?

KW: The most heightened moment is when all the girls are lined up backstage and waiting to go out, right before the show.


Courtesy of Karen Walker

WWW: And what about your least favourite?

KW: The first four days of pre-production! I don’t tend to leave the hotel and that can get a little tiresome.

WWW: What three things do you always have on you throughout NYFW, and what shoes do you wear?

KW: My phone, Karen Walker fragrance and my lip balm. This season I’ll be wearing our Vikto Lace Ups (coming soon) from the current season’s range.


Courtesy of Karen Walker

WWW: After it’s over, how do you relax?

KW: I usually spend a day hanging around the galleries and try to get to a play.

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Opening image: Courtesy of Karen Walker

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