June Gloom, Who? 30 Unique Splurges to Kick-Start Your Summer

girl wearing pink sweater, white jeans and neon pink adidas.
(Image credit: @baileyyburke)

Most Wanted is a weekly series in which one editor, staffer, or influencer shares their top 30 must-haves or current wish-list items.

June—a month of sunshine and blue skies… or so I thought. Growing up in the Midwest, I always took June as the cue to break out my breeziest dresses and shortest shorts. June in L.A., however, tells a different story. All month, the sun barely peeks out from behind the wall of clouds, and the cool temps don't really welcome the flowy dresses and linens we associate with summer. But the gloomy skies will soon give way to balmy, idyllic summer nights, bringing with them the warm and bright days we all love. In the meantime, I've found some pieces that are getting me in the summer mood. The 30 items below are a surefire way to embrace the summer spirit no matter what the weather has in store.