Sorry, But This Athleisure Trend Is Just Too "Fashion" to Work Out In

It's no secret that we have a lot of feelings about athleisure. Whether we're defending our right to wear leggings in or out of the gym or trying out the polarizing bike shorts trend, we're quickly learning that 2018 is the year that comfort gained real ground in fashion. What's ironic about embracing athleisure so wholeheartedly is that more often than not, we're not wearing sneakers to go running, nor are we putting on a pair of leggings strictly for a yoga class (though we do those things in them, too).

With that in mind, let's get one thing clear: Jogging outfits—those matching sets made up of a sweatshirt and joggers—are the one athleisure look you can most certainly count on us not wearing to the gym. We know it's counterintuitive, but just take one look at how fashion people have taken the coordinating sweats and breathed new life into them via fresh colorways, sleek cuts, and key footwear combinations (we're looking at you, ankle boots). Need a bit more convincing? Let the following street style looks demonstrate just what we mean when we say that jogging outfits are just too "fashion" to be limited to a gym session.