This "Extra-Special" Jewelry Trend Speaks for Itself

While some jewelry trends—say, dainty layered pieces—will always be in style, in 2018 there’s one piece that fashion girls are wearing to adorn their ears and make a very chic statement doing so. We had an inkling last fall this would become a major look, but our predictions were validated when shopping destination Net-a-Porter featured a curated assortment of earrings dubbed “extra-special.” Translation? Earrings that stand apart from the rest—through sculptural shapes inspired by fine art and nature and rendered to embrace their imperfections—have emerged as the biggest jewelry trend of the year.

These standout pieces are best worn as a pair to elevate a low-key look or alone as a single piece for an eclectic take on asymmetry. However you choose to wear the new statement-making pieces, let them take center stage by paring down the rest of your jewelry for the day. From artful curves rendered in bronze to some unadulterated, KiraKira+-ready glam, you'll find the chicest of the season's statement earrings below.