Take Note: Wear This Jewelry With Your Evening Gown

Whether you're faithful to the minimalist movement or you're a believer that bolder is better, no outfit is complete without some complementary jewelry. From dainty or chunky necklaces to dangle or statement earrings and all sorts of on-trend bracelets, there's always that one piece of jewelry that will take your ensemble to a whole new level. And if you're like us, you tend to only wear them to special occasions. Graduation celebrations, dinner dates, wedding receptions, tickets to the ballet—you name it. That's when your evening gowns come out and so does your selected choice of jewelry.

However, if you feel like your jewelry box needs a revamp because your go-to pieces feel a bit dated, check the jewelry selection we've put together ahead for your favorite dresses, best pantsuits, and most exciting plans.

Opening Image: @camilacoehlo