15 Jewelry Brands for Minimalists

Minimalist Jewelry Brands



If you're a sucker for dainty, barely there jewelry, we'll go ahead and guess that you love a sleek and polished look. To embellish your super-simple style just a smidge, today we're sharing our favorite minimal-inspired jewelry brands for you to explore. From Insta-famous brands you probably see all over your social feeds to under-the-radar lines worth bookmarking, here's where we find the coolest simple yet stylish dainty jewels.

Whether you're looking to update your go-to T-shirt-and-jeans look with a shiny gold pendant or hoping to find a new signature jewelry piece that's perhaps even monogrammed with your initials, we've got you covered with the best jewelry brands for minimalists. Keep reading to check out the items your friends are sure to covet.

1. Mateo

Minimalist Jewelry Brands: Sarah and Sebastian



Designer Matthew Harris creates simple yet striking fine jewelry, drawing inspiration from modern art. His pieces include lustrous pearls, striking diamonds, and precious stones. 

2. BaubleBar

Minimalist Jewelry Brands: BaubleBar



You'll find everything you want—from unique rings to gorgeous earrings—at this fashion-favorite brand.

3. Soko

Sarah Chloe


Courtesy of Soko 

Soko is known for its sleek and elegant pieces, and it also partners with artisan entrepreneurs to make the accessories using locally sourced, eco-friendly materials like recycled brass and reclaimed horn whenever possible.

4. Gabriela Artigas

Minimalist Jewelry Brands: Gabriela Artigas


Gabriela Artigas

The sisters behind Gabriela Artigas create everyday statement jewelry you can effortlessly transition from day to night.

5. Ariel Gordon Jewelry

Ariel Gordon creates versatile pieces that have the perfect mix of forward and fun detailing.

6. Jacquie Aiche

Minimalist Jewelry Brands:  jacquie Aiche


Jacquie Aiche

Jacquie Aiche’s mission is to create jewelry that will "make every woman look and feel uniquely beautiful," according to the site. Mission accomplished!

7. Jennifer Zeuner Jewelry

Minimalist Jewelry Brands: Jennifer Zeuner


Jennifer Zeuner Jewelry

Jennifer Zeuner Jewelry offers personalized necklaces that are super stylish.

8. Monica Vinader

Minimalist Jewelry Brands: Monica Vinader


Monica Vinader

If you're looking for a simple and sleek jewelry that you can wear on a daily basis, Monica Vinader is your answer!


Best minimalist jewelry brands: Bychari



It's so easy to look good when you're wearing anything from ByChari. The elegant designs are classic and go with every look, plus the price point is amazing.

10. Mejuri

Best minimalist jewelry brands: Mejuri



I've been a fan of Mejuri for quite some time since its site is so easy and fun to shop. The brand specializes in everyday pieces that are worth adding to your morning routine. I'll take, um, everything.

11. Anita Ko

Best minimalist jewelry brands: Anita Ko


Anita Ko

This is the It-girl brand for fine jewelry. Anita puts an updated twist on everyday pieces making for some fun finds. The colorful gemstones above have my heart.

12. Missoma

Best minimalist jewelry brands: Missoma



Missoma emerged at a time when it felt like there were only two options. Buy low-quality inexpensive jewelry or luxurious pricey jewelry. The best of both worlds arrived when this brand launched and paved the way for the demi-fine market.

13. Adornmonde

Best minimalist jewelry brandsL Adornmonde



The delicate details that make up any piece on Adornmonde's site are what initially drew me in. My cart is very full.

14. Logan Hollowell

Best minimalist jewelry brands



Every item from this brand just feels so special. Its constellation and astrological pieces are my personal favorite, but it also has quite a variety of minimalist (and statement) pieces worth exploring.

15. EF Collection


EF Collection

Fine jewelry certainly does not need to break the bank, and that's what EF Collection set out to do. Its pretty designs are made from the finest jewels.