The 2023 Jewelry Trends Everyone's About to Be Completely Obsessed With


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I never used to be a big jewelry person. For years, I wore small gold hoops and the occasional ring or simple pendant necklace, never bothering to experiment. But lately, I've begun to realize how doing so has hindered me sartorially and kept me from taking my outfits to their max potential. 

My coming to that realization shouldn't be shocking, given how alluring this year's jewelry offering is thus far. After minimalism's long tenure left our necks, wrists, and fingers feeling lightweight and bare, fashion has taken a turn of late, especially in the bauble department. More and more, statement jewelry pieces like sculptural wrist cuffs and colorful costume chokers are making their way onto the runways and into our collections, knocking simple chains and hoops out of the top-shelf spot they've resided on throughout the early '20s. 

But don't just take my word for it—believe the experts. To help usher me back into the world of jewelry, I called on buyers from Nordstrom, Shopbop, and MatchesFashion to share their favorite trends in the genre for 2023. Read all about it below. 

Beth Kanfer, Fashion Director of Accessories and Footwear at Nordstrom


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"Jewelry has had a resurgence during the pandemic. As people traveled less and wanted to look good on-screen, the jewelry-and-watch category exploded. The market took this opportunity to drive excitement through emotional design and must-have pieces ranging from statement silhouettes in vibrant colors to reinvented classics. At Nordstrom, we are constantly curating our fine jewelry selection and are excited by the new and emerging brands we carry for our customers to discover."

Piled-On Jewelry


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"The first trend we're seeing within jewelry is the idea that more is more, from large bold metal necklaces and oversize statement rings to the ultimate wrist stack. Don't be afraid to add in one statement piece to your existing wardrobe or pile on an armful of cuffs. Enjoy mixing metals, textures, and colors, or embrace one large standout piece."

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Reinvented Classics


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"The prep phenomenon infiltrating fashion has a youthful attitude, which has allowed for new takes on pearls, appealing to all genders, and new diamond shapes. But for spring/summer 2023, these classics are anything but boring. Tennis bracelets and necklaces with mixed diamond shapes give the wow factor. Engagement rings are an opportunity to explore toi et moi rings. Diamonds mixed with gorgeous emeralds and rubies allow for a pop of color to update statement studs and pendants."

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Stephanie Roberson, Head of Buying at Shopbop


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"We're seeing customers return to even more events and social gatherings in the New Year, and they're excited to express their personality and individual style through statement pieces. Jewelry—which is always such a personal accessory—is an easy way to add this to your wardrobe."

Wrist Cuffs


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"Cuffs are back, so keep an eye out for wrist emphasis and the return of the bracelet stack. This trend is very versatile and meant to have fun with. You can stack cuffs in metallic and mix them with colorful options."

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Drop Earrings


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"Long drop earrings feel fresh as they skim your shoulders day or night. We are most excited about a pearl option, which adds an elevated accent to every ensemble."

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Colorful Cocktail Jewelry


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"We are delighted to see lots of color in 2023, and cocktail jewelry provides the perfect pop. It's about large gemstone rings and necklaces to dress up that little black dress in your closet."

Shop colorful cocktail jewelry:

Tanika Wisdom, Buyer at MatchesFashion


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"Our customers are increasingly looking for special and meaningful jewelry pieces, whether that be a bespoke stone or reimagined vintage heirlooms." 

Pared-Back Staples


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"Pared-back staples are returning, and yellow gold remains the best-selling investment for our customers who look for timeless accents to their everyday style."

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"Our customers are experimenting with charms to personalize their jewelry. Dezso, Jacquie Aiche, and Lizzie Mandler offer beautiful charms, while Lauren Rubinski adds a whimsical note to her signature chunky chains with heart-shaped charms for spring/summer 2023."

Shop charms:

Accessible Occasion Pieces


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"We have seen a rise in designers creating special occasion pieces at a more accessible price point, using cubic zirconia and crystals to offer elevated pieces with an interesting design point of view."

Shop accessible occasion jewelry:

This article was published at an earlier date and has since been updated by Ana Escalante. 

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