8 Jewellery Trends I Think Every Fashion Industry Girl Has Bought Into

Think back to 2010 and you may recall that anyone who was anyone was wearing gigantic statement necklaces (the kind that doubled up as handy bejewelled bibs). I’ve used that reference to debunk the myth that jewellery doesn’t move in trend cycles—you probably wouldn’t reach for a statement necklace today over all other options, would you?

Many consider jewellery to be too classic to change with the years or seasons, but I would argue the opposite: Certain jewellery styles can be very indicative of time. Okay, a simple pair of gold hoops or a cute charm bracelet will always stand up as a solid accessorising choice, but what about the pieces that update and make a look rather than quietly sit within it?

From the necklace that has summer 2019 written all over it (but also happens to be versatile enough to carry on for many summers to come) to the trending detail we’ve seen bubbling up on Instagram, these are the top jewellery trends of the year. Showcased by the style set and featuring the top shopping picks for every budget, these little add-ons can make a significant difference in your outfit building process.


Jewellery trends 2019: freshwater pearl necklaces



We’re talking about misshapen freshwater pearls here, people. The more natural-looking, the better.


The medallion necklace trend continues from last summer. Aim to find one that genuinely feels antique. Then, get to layering.

jewellery trends 2019: antique medallion necklaces



Just because your necklace looks doesn't mean it shouldn't be worn with something bright and modern.

Jewellery trends 2019: fruity earrings



Now your five-a-day comes in the form of jewellery. We’ve seen all varieties of fruits and veggies featured on earrings, necklaces, rings and bracelets.

Jewellery trends 2019: fruity earrings



The kookier versions made out of beads and kitsch fruit charms appear to be the most popular options.


Jewellery trends 2019: chunky gold rings



Dainty stacking rings are still in, but if you want to make an impact opt for something bold, gold and bulbous.


Jewellery trends 2019: shell necklaces



Shells became a popular jewellery trend in 2018 with sweet little pukka necklaces. For 2019, the seashells are getting bigger and being assembled in more statement-driven designs.

Jewellery trends 2019: shell necklaces



But a simple thread of conch shells still stands up as a quality summer choice.

Jewellery trends 2019: anklets



If there’s one thing that’s really going to take over your feeds during the holiday season, it’s anklets—whether chains, shells, threaded, beaded or other.

And they’re even being worn for the evening with high heels.


Jewellery trends 2019: colourful beads



Brightly coloured plastic beads are the antithesis of all of the grown-up jewellery trends on offer, and they’re capturing the imaginations of many cool girls across the globe.


Chunky gold chains that sit tight to the neck are popping up in influencer circles.

Jewellery trends 2019: big gold chains



Even the toughest of necklaces can work with the most adorable dress.