Jessica Biel Would Give a Hard Pass to These 3 Denim Trends

Jessica Biel loves to wear jeans, so she's just like us, right? Well, not really, but her style is quite accessible compared to many other celebrities, which may have something to do with why there are so many fans of her style out there (including you since you're reading this). While Biel serves up plenty of denim inspiration almost every time she steps outside, we've come to the conclusion that some denim trends just aren't for her, and that's okay. As you know, Biel is a skinny jeans devotee, and although she dabbles in a few other denim trends, she doesn't stray too far from that shape, which really flatters her figure. 

In particular, there are three current denim trends that are everywhere right now but probably not in her closet—although we're anxious for her to prove us wrong. Below, we're highlighting those major trends she'd give a hard pass to, as well as the denim styles she's wearing instead (and where you can buy the best versions). 

Hard Pass: Baggy Jeans
Instead: Skinny Jeans

Jessica Biel skinny-jean outfit



Baggy jeans are pretty much the number one denim trend of the year, but Biel's classic style is best complemented by skinny jeans, which she often pairs with ankle boots and a blazer or some other type of chic outerwear. She wears them so much that she's the first celeb that comes to mind when we're looking for celebrity skinny-jean inspiration.

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Hard Pass: Bermuda Shorts
Instead: Distressed Straight-Leg Jeans

Jessica Biel denim outfit



The Bermuda short trend is going to be tough to avoid this summer, but Biel doesn't wear shorts all that much (especially not long ones). Distressed straight-leg jeans, on the other hand, are a great summer denim swap, and she's been wearing them for years.

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Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake


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Although certainly not as often as skinny jeans, Biel does wear cropped flare jeans from time to time, and we can see why—they have a similar shape to skinny jeans (until they kick out at the ankles) and work well with certain shoe types that skinny jeans may not be suited for. On the flip side, Biel keeps things classic and simple, so the maximalist embroidered denim trend that's starting to bubble up probably won't make the cut.

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