J.Lo Wore the Controversial Denim Trend That's All Over Zara and H&M

Jennifer Lopez has seen it all, so when she endorses a controversial trend, people take notice. The superstar and mother of two was recently spotted walking to a casual lunch in Los Angeles. Lopez mixed luxury and affordable pieces, including an Hermés Birken bag and designer aviators with Nike Air Force 1s, a cropped sweater, and baggy low-rise jeans. And, while the sneakers are definitely cool, it was the Y2K-era low-rise jeans that piqued our interest. 

Although low-rise styles have crept back into fashion over the past few seasons, the unusual combination of rise and width pushes these jeans into controversial territory. If you're totally opposed to low-rise jeans, move along. This look isn't for you. But you're in luck if you're open to something a little out of the box. We found several pairs of baggy low-rise denim at places like Zara and H&M, along with a few pricier versions. 

This fit might not be for everyone. J.Lo can pull off outfits most women wouldn't even attempt. That said, we think this one's a winner. We especially love how the super slouchy fit works with casual and more elevated pieces. It's perfect for those with Birken bag dreams who live on a Birkenstock budget.

So, if you're down to give Lopez's latest look a go, keep scrolling to shop similar pieces, plus a plethora of sweet low-slung jeans to wear on your next lunch date. Enjoy! 


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On Jennifer Lopez: Nike shoes; Hermés bag

Shop Baggy Low-Rise Jeans

At just $40, these wide-leg low-rise jeans are worth trying.

This style looks great on curvy figures, too.

It's no surprise we love the '90s baggy low-rise look.

A straight leg with a low rise is a wearable compromise.

These ripped jeans were made to wear on leisurely weekends.

Low-rise jeans often look good on people with short torsos. 

If you're not into the look of rolled cuffs, a quick trip to the seamstress will turn this slouchy pair into the perfect fit.

We can picture Jennifer Lopez wearing Timberland boots with these slouchy low-rise jeans.

If slouchy sounds too casual for the occasion, look for jeans with a low rise and relaxed fit. 

If you love Agolde, try taking this new fit for a spin.

This style looks great with strappy sandals.