These Sneakers Were Practically Glued to Jennifer Lawrence's Feet This Year

Jennifer Lawrence's off-duty style can best be described as chill, so it makes sense that her favorite shoes would be sneakers. Not that they're just any sneakers, though. We've been keeping our eye on Lawrence in 2018 (hasn't everyone?), and more often than not, the shoes she could often be seen strolling around in are Dior's D-Bee white sneakers. Just this weekend, Lawrence could be found walking around New York City wearing a bright yellow coat, newsboy cap, jeans, and her beloved D-Bees.

The minimal sneakers with an embroidered bee and the letters CD on the side debuted in 2017, and given that Lawrence is the face of Dior, it makes sense that her favorite shoes would be Dior. We counted nine times she's been photographed wearing them throughout the year, which is quite a lot since she largely stays away from the paparazzi's lenses when she's not on the red carpet. Keep scrolling to see some proof and shop the sneakers (as well as similar styles).


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On Jennifer Lawrence: Dior sweater and D-Bee sneakers

More Examples


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(Image credit: Splash News)

On Jennifer Lawrence: Dior D-Bee sneakers


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On Jennifer Lawrence: Ray-Ban sunglasses; Dior bag and D-Bee sneakers


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On Jennifer Lawrence: Dior D-Bee sneakers

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