20 Years Apart, Jennifer Aniston Made Flip-Flops Look Chic


Getty Images

Jennifer Aniston has the kind of timeless style that makes it nearly impossible to know exactly what year a photo was taken. Her red carpet appearances in 2005 look impressively similar to those of 2015, which not only means the actress has great genes, but it also shows that she knows what works for her when it comes to fashion. So it really shouldn't be too much of a surprise that we spotted Aniston in an ensemble just today that makes it look like she's in her twenties again, and we even have a 20-year old photo to prove it.

While on vacation, Aniston broke out a pair of denim cutoffs that she styled with a simple black tee, chunky belt, and comfortable flip-flops. The effortless combination works for 2018, sure, but it also happens to have been the off-duty outfit of choice in 1998. Read on to see Aniston in the same outfit 20 years apart, and then shop pieces to help you try the ensemble too.