Shopbop Has 4044 Pairs of Jeans and Shoes in Stock, But These 30 Are the Best

Shopbop Has 4,044 Jeans and Shoes in Stock, But These 30 Are Best


@smythsisters; Pictured: Levi's jeans

Shopbop is a go-to retailer for many (myself included). You can find such a wide range of those elevated pieces at the editor-favorite shop. And yes, that includes top-notch jeans and shoes. On that note, at the time of writing this article, I actually counted 1322 available items in the jeans section and 2722 styles in the shoe section. While the thousands in this group are lovely in their own right, I decided to scroll through each page of merchandise to find the styles I like best thanks to their versatile and forward nature.

Below, you'll uncover 15 pairs of jeans and 15 pairs of shoes that are worth a look at. On the denim front, you'll primarily find those of-the-moment relaxed cuts. In terms of shoes, my picks kind of run the gamut—everything from sandals for your spring wardrobe to of-the-moment loafers. So if you're in the market for a new pair of jeans or shoes, keep scrolling for more. 


Say hello to the jeans our editors adore.

The perfect amount of whiskering.

You can dress these jeans up or down.


These shoes look far more expensive than they are. 

Fashion people rave about these sandals.

Try these loafers with white socks.