The Denim Style I Quit Buying Post–Age 30

I wear jeans a lot, and I always have. In my 20s, my taste in denim styles didn't change much. I was primarily a skinny jeans girl until my mid- to late-20s when I started working in fashion and diversifying my wardrobe as a result. By the time I hit 30, my closet was virtually filled with jeans of varying washes and cuts. So where am I going with this? Stay with me.

I recently found myself pondering which pair of jeans I should add to my wardrobe to kick off the impending fall season, and I realized something about the options I'd narrowed it down to—not one of them had a rip in sight. The styles were varied, but ultimately, they were all clean and polished, with minimal distressing if any. 

It's not that I never wore ripped jeans before I came to this realization. Up until I turned 30, I didn't discriminate against ripped jeans by any means. You probably wouldn't have found me in shredded jeans, but I never even thought twice about passing over a pair because they had a few rips in them.

So what does this say about my style as a 30-something? Quite a lot, I think. I'm very much of the to each their own mindset when it comes to post-age 30 style, but I fully condone finding new ways to add polish to one's wardrobe as we get older. For me, that's meant subconsciously moving away from pieces that I wouldn't feel comfortable wearing in my day-to-day 30-something life. So whatever your version of ripped jeans is (rhetorically speaking), embrace it, and let it help you discover new pieces to wear instead. 

With that, read on to shop 18 pairs of jeans that I'd gladly give up my ripped jeans for post-age 30. 

I'd gladly wear these mom jeans with a striped T-shirt and heels. 

These classic jeans are so investment-worthy.

A good half of the jeans in my closet are by Re/Done.

I still wear skinny jeans from time to time (especially when they look like this).

FYI: Reformation's jeans are really good. 

These are just slouchy and vintage-inspired enough.

These were my first cropped flares, and I still wear them all the time.

A light wash isn't only for summertime—just add a cozy sweater and loafers for fall. 

I can't believe these are $40 either. 

You can never have too many Levi's.

These dark-wash skinny jeans are so flattering.

A little fun detail (in this case, ruffles) never hurt anyone. 

Gap shoppers are singing the praise of these.