This One "Ugly" Summer Trend Was Low on My Buy List Until I Saw These 7 Outfits


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Whether you like it or not, Bermuda shorts are back and better than ever. This once ill-fated '00s trend, often associated with Adam Sandler, has returned to the closets of fashion people everywhere. I won't lie; I wasn't into this trend at first. Sure, dadcore is a cool concept, and jorts are at the center of many model-off-duty outfits, but there's no way they actually look cool when real people wear them… Right? Wrong.

While scouring the internet for office-appropriate linen shorts and lightweight cutoffs, I kept seeing more and more fashion people embracing denim Bermuda shorts and looking chic. After digging up a pair from the back of my closet and taking them for a spin with a few re-created outfits I pulled from Pinterest and Instagram, I think I've joined the jorts fan club.

My takeaway? The key to an appealing Bermuda shorts outfit lies in proper styling. From polished French basics to It girl–approved accessories, there's a way to make denim Bermuda shorts look cool again. If that isn't something to celebrate, I don't know what is.

Browse my favorite denim Bermuda shorts below. Then shop for the components you need to style them.


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What you need: Denim Bermuda shorts, a graphic tee, and a beret.


(Image credit: @rikkekrefting)

What you need: A boxy white tee, kitten heels, and black-wash denim Bermuda shorts.


(Image credit: @olympiamarie)

What you need: Bermuda shorts, a baseball cap, an arm cuff, and a striped cardigan.


(Image credit: @aniyahmorinia)

What you need: Colored denim Bermuda shorts, a white cropped top, and black booties.


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What you need: Extra-wide Bermuda shorts, a bomber jacket, a '90s headband, and oval sunglasses.


(Image credit: @anna__laplaca)

What you need: A white tank, straight-leg denim Bermuda shorts, and moto boots.


(Image credit: @sofiamcoelho)

What you need: Sporty sneakers, denim Bermuda shorts, high-rise briefs, and an oversize sweatshirt.

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