3 Unexpected Things Italian Women Consider Style Mistakes

If it seems like the world is obsessed with all things Italian right now, you're not imagining it. Between the cuisine, the vacation hot spot that is the Amalfi Coast, and, of course, the stylish women of the country, the fascination is understandable. Speaking of style, we recently came across an interesting tidbit about a few style faux pas that Italian women always avoid. The source of this information was The New York Times' Open Thread, a weekly newsletter dedicated to all things style. Each week, Fashion Director Vanessa Friedman answers a question from a reader, and last week's question was what to wear to a January wedding in Milan. To provide an answer, Friedman consulted an Italian friend, and she noted, "Italians consider sequins for after-dark only, purple tends to be associated with funerals and bare legs are a no no."

Somewhat surprising, don't you think? The next time you're lucky enough to find yourself in Italy, do as the Italians do and avoid these three faux pas. And on that note, shop a few pieces from some of our favorite Italian brands below.