And Now, 17 New Poses to Try on Instagram

We'll admit it: We're always looking for ways to up our Instagram game. We've cracked the code to making a viral fashion Instagram and have even started shopping certain trends just so we can post about them. But as far as what it takes to make sure our own personal feeds are thriving, it doesn't always have to mean investing in one of this season's It bags. Sometimes all it takes it testing out a fun new pose when shooting your next #ootd post.

Thanks to our wildly creative readers, we're super inspired to shoot our outfit posts in a whole new way. From the power squat to the perfect candid moment (even if it was anything but candid), see each of the creative outfit posts that you, our community, shared on Instagram using #WhoWhatWearing. Want to be featured next time? Use the hashtag on your outfit posts so we can see them.

Our cool readers are also teaching us a thing or two about wearing Gen-Z yellow IRL.