17 Items Every Instagram-Obsessed Girl Will Love (Myself Included)

best Instagram outfits



In an overcrowded Instagram feed consisting of 45% fashion inspiration, 45% LOL-worthy memes, and 10% personal content from friends (is this just me?), it can be hard to make an OOTD pic stand out. I've been studying my favorite fashion accounts for long enough at this point to have noticed three things that always make me stop for a double tap: anything sparkly, bold prints, and lots of colors. I'm not sure if there's any science behind this, but personally, I find clothing and accessories in these categories always catch my attention. Feel free to test this theory for yourself with any of these 17 Instagram-approved pieces. Just don't @ me when you get a ton of comments and new followers, because you, my friend, have been warned.

Every fashion feed has at least a few logomania shots.

This bright shade somehow looks flattering on everyone, so find that perfect lighting and get to photographing.

Yes to everything animal print (but also major yes to the price on these).

Your favorite fashion girls all own this coat (and post it regularly), so it's worth the investment as far as I'm concerned.

Bonus points for posing in these next to a horse (but a cool street background will do too).

I'd double-tap for this bag 100 times if I could. 

Make sure to nail your power stance to show off these cool bold sneakers.

Wear this for your next holiday party Instagram photo but also for NYE, your birthday, your friend's birthday—you get the idea.

I always do a double take when I see a pink-and-red color combo.

Everyone loves denim, so this unique pair is sure to get you a ton of "Where'd you get those?" inquiries.

You just can't scroll past a good rainbow accessory without double tapping.

A print + a chain belt? Send these bad boys straight to the 'gram.

Don't post a photo in this skirt if you don't want all of your friends to own it by next week.

A polka-dot anything always stands out.

Every fashion influencer has posted a photo in I.Am.Gia's signature oversize jacket.

Don't have a beaded bag yet? Your Instagram is about to be on fire.