17 Finds We Have Saved to Our Instagram Collections Right Now

Did you catch this post last time? If so, skip below for a trove of inspiration and shopping. If not, you can still do that, but here’s the rundown… As someone who was pretty late to the game (the game here being Instagram’s saved collections), I now wonder what I was thinking. I love utilizing the feature to save anything from funny memes I want to show someone later to interestingly composed photos I may just try for myself to fashion pieces I love and, naturally, want to buy.

Speaking of the latter, I decided to start reaching out to my fellow Who What Wear editors to find out what they’ve been eyeing too. Needless to say, they deliver every time. From under-the-radar brands to the next designer It items to elevated versions of everyday essentials, just keep reading to see and shop the fashion items we currently have saved to our Instagram collections.

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“I hope this isn’t cheating, but I actually acquired a Balenciaga Hourglass blazer before coming across this photo, but now I know exactly how I want to style it.” — Nicole Eshaghpour

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“Every day I get closer and closer to buying one of Timeless Pearly’s pearl letter pendants, even though I’m fully out of real estate on my neck.” — Nicole Eshaghpour

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“It’s only going to be getting colder here in NY, so stocking up on cute but practical footwear is a must. Nnena scored these Zara hiking boots on massive sale, as will I.” — Lauren Eggertsen 

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“I recently became aware of this Parisian brand Aeryne and have been obsessing over this pink coat ever since. Also this girl’s face is my forever mood.” — Lauren Eggertsen 

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“This puffer. I need. End of story.” — Lauren Eggertsen 

“I’m not usually one for bright colors, but this mix of necklaces really stands out to me. Paired with a white T-shirt and jeans, these layers really won’t steer you wrong.” — Emily Greenberg

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“I’m already stocking my 2019 swimsuit collection, and this leopard number is the first to make the list.”  — Michelle Scanga 

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“Soaking up L.A.'s ‘cold’ weather right now and pairing this with my favorite high-rise jeans." — Michelle Scanga

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“My co-worker and friend introduced me to this new brand. It’s essentially what silky and fluffy dreams are made of.” — Michelle Scanga

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“Cardigans are all I want to wear right now, and I just spotted the perfect H&M one on Xenia Adonts that clocks in at just $60.” — Kristen Nichols

“Tie-dye is a trend that still has a lot of legs, in my opinion, and these pants from Brooklyn boutique Maimoun are killer.” — Kat Collings  

“I have three words to describe this quirky jewelry brand: yes, yes, YES!” — Kat Collings  

“I love this jeweled Gucci barrette more and more every time I see it. It was just released in red (for pre-order), and I think I'm sold.” — Allyson Payer

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“All things surfer culture are about to infiltrate the swimwear world this summer, and this sport tech–inspired two-piece is a wonderful starting off point.” – Anna LaPlaca

“Acrylic bags are a fun microtrend I’m totally here for. Come time for summer vacations, I’m predicting these will be splattered all over my Instagram feed.” – Anna LaPlaca

“I can’t wait until the weather warms up to wear this pretty top by Les Coyotes de Paris. I can’t stop buying white blouses, but I don't plan on quitting (sue me).” — Erin Fitzpatrick

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“I’m obsessed with all things pearl at the moment—especially this gorgeous body-hugging cardigan embellished with pearl buttons. It's the perfect piece to take me from winter to spring. It comes in three easy-to-wear colors, but I particularly love this sky blue hue.” — Judith Jones