I Lived in the Midwest for 22 Years—Here's What I'd Never Wear Again



Two things you might not know about me 1. I’m from Kansas and 2. I didn’t graduate college with a fashion degree. Yet right after college I landed my dream internship at Who What Wear and moved across the country to Los Angeles. Fast-forward to present day, and I’ve now been with the company for over six years and well, have seen (and worn) dozens of trends come in and out of style during that time. Today I’m slightly shifting gears and focusing on my pre–Los Angeles style and reminiscing on the trends I wore in the Midwest that I’d probably never wear again. I’ve always considered myself to have a great sense of style (hence why I chose the career path I did), so I’m not here to roast my fashion choices totally, but I would just like to point out what feels dated to me and the new trends I’d wear instead.

From college frat parties to the standard sorority night out where everyone coordinates the same look (see photo five), I’m sharing a few of my Midwest fashion moments that make me reminisce about living in Kansas. Keep reading for a peek inside my Midwest style and to see which items I’d ditch and what current trend I’d wear in its place.