11 White T-Shirts NYC Girls Love

Simply put: When it comes to shopping, NYC girls know what’s up. Maybe I just like to say that because as of the last year, I am one, but I like to think the trope rings true regardless of my personal bias. After all, the city is known for its style, both in terms of fashion and function. And what better example of a marriage of the two than the classic yet effortlessly stylish white tee?

Aside from being my personal favorite basic, it seems that the staple has stolen an irreplaceable spot in everyone’s hearts and closets—New York City not excluded. So in an effort to help anyone out there in search of the perfect white T-shirt get a little bit closer to their goal or, of course, simply to give those who already own dozens another one to add to the pile (hello, me), we recently reached out to some of our favorite in-the-know New Yorkers to get the scoop on their go-tos. To read about what makes each pick so great, and of course, to shop them, simply continue on below.

Christie Tyler, influencer

“My favorite is the Totême Espera white tee because it’s so basic but has a great shape. It is unique because it has a certain structure and fits a certain way that white tees don’t—a lot of the time it’s hard to look clean and proper with a white tee, especially when trying to find one that doesn’t wrinkle, but the Espera is perfect for that. It’s pricey, but after wearing it multiple times, the cost per wear proves itself to be very much worth it!” — Christie Tyler

Available in sizes XS to L.

Gina Marinelli, editor at Who What Wear

“This classic tee fits nice and relaxed, and the fabric holds up extremely well no matter how often I wear it. Plus, you can buy it on Amazon, so that always helps.” — Gina Marinelli

Available in sizes X to XXXL.

Jessica Minkoff, fashion content editor at Bergdorf Goodman

“It’s a perfect weight—I like to layer tops and slip dresses over my white tees—and no matter how many times I wear and wash it, it always looks brand-new.” — Jessica Minkoff

Available in sizes XS to M.

Tyla Lauren, influencer

“I love the workwear pocket T-shirt from Carhartt because I love anything with pockets and the crewneck cut is perfect—a lot of my T-shirts are men’s because they have a lot more structure” — Tyla Lauren

Available in men’s sizes S to 2XL.

Nicole Eshaghpour, Editor at Who What Wear

“In the summer, I live in this cropped tee from Aritzia. It’s my secret for getting the perfect tucked-in look without actually having to deal with tucking anything in thanks to the elasticated hem.” — Nicole Eshaghpour

Available in sizes XXS to XL.

Lili Chemla, founder of Liana Clothing

“Before I launched my company, I picked an old Hanes vintage shirt that had always been my favorite. I used that shirt and edited the pattern nine times to make it the perfect white tee you always pull out of your drawer first. With all the white tees out there, it was so important for me to make the white tee. The fabric was a key factor as well—it isn’t too thin that it clings to your body but is still extremely breathable.” — Lili Chemla

Available in sizes XS to L.

Lauren Eggertsen, Editor at Who What Wear

“I weirdly love the T-shirts at Brandy Melville. They are cheap and comfortable. Enough said.” — Lauren Eggertsen

Available in one size.

Chrissy Rutherford, editor at Harper's Bazaar

“I’m obsessed with these Aritzia tees, not only are they insanely soft, but the cropped silhouette with the knot is just the perfect complement to high-waisted jeans or an A-line midi skirt. It’s simple, but the knot gives it just the right touch of cool.” — Chrissy Rutherford

Available in sizes XXS to L.

Kelsey Clark, editor at MyDomaine

“I have this Reformation T-shirt in three different colors—the material is super soft and it’s the perfect mix of form-fitting and relaxed. I also love the shorter sleeves.” — Kelsey Clark

Available in sizes XS to XL.

Alexa Blechman, influencer

“My go-to T-shirt is by Theory. Being that I’m petite, it’s hard to find the perfect-length shirt. This one hits my jeans in just the right place!” — Alexa Blechman

Available in sizes P to L.

Aemilia Madden, editor at Who What Wear

“Lacausa’s white tees are just the right heft, and they’re flattering and comfy all at once.” — Aemilia Madden

Available in sizes XS to L.

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