This Dress Will Instantly Make You Feel More Powerful

Similar to a perfect pair of pumps or a tailored blazer, there’s something delightfully magical about wearing a fiery shade of red. Aside from the studies that suggest men are more attracted to women who wear it, I’ve also found that it can unveil a more dominant, charismatic side to your persona. Also, it just makes you feel pretty sexy, and that’s always a plus in my book.

So when I noticed scarlet frocks popping up on the street style circuit, I was immediately drawn to the idea. Not only is the color pretty neutral in terms of seasonality (you can wear it during summer as much as you can in winter), but it also comes in a huge range of styles and price points—i.e., it’s accessible to everyone.

See below for my roundup of the best red dress moments as of late, and shop my picks to get in on the action.