Here's How to Tell How Soon a Zara Piece Will Sell Out

Pretty much every time I come across something I'd like to buy, the first question I ask myself is if I should wait for it to go on sale or if it's worth buying on the spot. While there are plenty of factors that lead to the ultimate decision (first and foremost being budget), there's a handy no-fail trick that I use almost every time prior to making a purchase, especially on Zara. So many people are shopping the site at any given time that a piece can be gone in the blink of an eye.

So here's my hack: I add the item in question in my size to my cart and press the + arrow until I receive an error message saying "No more units available." Then I know how many are left in stock. If it's less than 10 and I'd regret it if the piece slipped away, I complete the order (but not all the items from cart—just one!). If it's a large number, I know that I can probably wait a bit. For example, there are currently 36 of this adorable $36 straw bag available and just one of this adorable $36 straw bag.

With this handy online shopping hack, I rarely miss out on something I really want because I decided to sleep on it. It's a no-fail method for gauging the urgency of a purchase on any site, especially the treasure trove that is Zara.

With that, read on to shop some of the current Zara pieces I don't want to get away!