All the Pro Tips You'll Need to Create Selena Gomez's '60s-Style Cat Eye

When it comes to pulling out enviable makeup looksSelena Gomez has always been ahead of the curve. She's not afraid to take risks, and with the help of her trusted makeup artist, Hung Vanngo, the singer has demonstrated how to pull off every look from disco-ball eyelids to bold lips with ease.

For their latest showstopping look, the duo reminded us that exaggerated '60s-inspired cat-eye makeup is a vibe we'd very much like to invite into 2020. The bold cat eye, or wing, as it's referred to more casually, is one of those classic makeup looks that seem easy but actually take a solid amount of skill to execute well.

Coincidentally, we've been hot on the trail of the perfect winged liner for some time now. We've long been asking our best makeup artist pals for their tips for achieving the perfect cat eye, so scroll on to see the best products and techniques you'll need to live your best Selena Gomez (by way of Twiggy and Cher) life.


Tip #1: Choose Your Eyeliner Wisely
(Image credit: @hungvanngo)

In a recent interview with Vogue, Vanngo shared that his process included creating a cat eye and then going back in to soften it a bit. "We extended the liner and smoked it outwards at the ends," he said when asked about the Twiggy-esque look he'd created for Gomez's appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon this week. Reading between the lines of this little nugget offers some insight into the type of eyeliner Vanngo used to draw the dramatic look since only certain products, such as gel and powder liners, stay malleable long enough to create any kind of smoking effect. Others, such as liquid eyeliners, dry too quickly to achieve any kind of manipulation after they're placed on the skin.

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Tip #2: Cleanup Is Key
(Image credit: @hungvanngo)

Although Vanngo divulged that smoked-out edges were the secret sauce here, it's clear that some serious cleanup has taken place to keep that wing on the straight-and-narrow. Any cat-eye aficionado knows that even the most skilled practitioners need to perform a little triage from time to time. Thankfully, there are tons of expert tips for making it work without ruining the line you've created.

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Tip #3: Don't Neglect the Eyelashes
(Image credit: @hungvanngo)

Vanngo has yet to mention anything in particular about what he added to Gomez's eyelashes for this look, but these close-ups he shared on Instagram put those fluttering babies on full display. Her top lashes appear lengthy and full, while her bottom ones are expertly darkened and defined.

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