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While Pati Dubroff is, indeed, the artist behind the amazing makeup looks frequently gracing the likes of Kate Bosworth, Margot Robbie, Julianne Moore, Priyanka Chopra, and more, Dubroff's impressive professional resume is hardly relegated to the "saved" archives of our Instagram feeds. Having fallen in love with the world of makeup at the age of 10, over the years, she's hustled her way up, though, and beyond makeup artist stardom. She's worked alongside editorial heavy hitters like Annie Leibovitz; on set for publications like Vanity Fair, Harper's Bazaar, and Vogue; and assisted iconic makeup artist legends like Kevyn Aucoin and François Nars. (For reference, any makeup artist would kill to have that kind of experience under their belt.)


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So when I had the opportunity to spend two hours with Dubroff inside the cozy doors of Violet Grey's West Hollywood flagship, it took me less than a tenth of a second to accept. As part of Violet Grey's inaugural committee seminar with Armani Beauty, Dubroff walked an intimate group of attendees through her process.

The goal: to see firsthand how Dubroff preps her A-list clientele for the most demanding of red carpets while typing and recording as much intel as possible without having an actual aneurysm on Violet Grey's plushly carpeted floors. (Though considering the beauty nirvana housed inside the brand's walls, I'm sure it wouldn't be the first time an unsuspecting shopper has fainted.)

Ahead, I'm sharing eleven of the most interesting takeaways from my time with Dubroff, each of which is jam-packed with even more tips, tricks, and product recommendations to help satiate your beauty appetite. Keep scrolling! You've just hit the beauty-junkie jackpot. 


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Tip #1: Your Skincare Should Take Almost as Long as Your Makeup

Although Dubroff explained that the time she's able to dedicate to skin prep and makeup depends on a) how much she's given and b) how detailed or elaborate the makeup is going to be, she shared that if she's given two hours with a client (the norm), she'll delegate a good 40 minutes to skin prep: "As long as the skin is good, everything else is gravy." Keep scrolling for the step-by-step pre-makeup skincare ritual she always performs on her A-list clientele.

1. Sheet Mask

2. Nano-Current Facial


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3. Facial Massage


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4. Moisturizer

5. Mist

6. Mattifying Primer

7. Lip Balm

Tip #2: Always Use 2 Shades of Foundation

You may have heard this strategic foundation tip around the block, but Dubroff provides some helpful context as to why it's so important in addition to the specific protocol for choosing and applying your formulas. Here's the sitch: First, match one of your colors to your neck (this will be your lighter color); then match your other color to the side of your cheek (this will be your darker color).

Tip #3: Leave Your Nose Naked

If you're able to get enough coverage with your foundation alone, Dubroff says to skip concealer altogether AND to leave your nose free of product—the reason being it's almost impossible for you to completely camouflage away the look of product there, and it allows natural skin or freckles to shine through a bit. Alas, if you do need some extra coverage in the way of concealer, reach for a shade that's somewhere in between your two foundation shades—she uses Armani's—and tap, buff, and swirl it using a small brush wherever your problem areas are.

Tip #4: Master Your Blush Placement


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Where to apply your blush is probably one of the biggest makeup conundrums known to humankind. Luckily, we have a makeup artist legend to help. According to Dubroff, the best goof-proof protocol is to use two different shades of blush, a lightweight cream or liquid formula, and a high-quality stipple brush like her favorite from Pat McGrath Labs for application. This allows the result to look airy, plush, and natural, and placement-wise, don't get to close to the nose OR the eye. The apple (bearing in in mind what we just said) is a good target.

Tip #5: Never Leave the House Without Curling Your Eyelashes

As Dubroff explains, curling your lashes is like drawing the curtains or blinds in a dark room—it immediately brightens and emphasizes your eyes. Unless you're one of the few blessed beings with naturally curly lashes, Dubroff says to always curl before starting in on your eye makeup—she always has her clients do it themselves and swears by this model from Utowa.

Fun fact: Dubroff shared the brand is the brainchild of Hiroshi Uemura—the son of the legendary makeup artist and cosmetics tool genius Shu Uemura.

Tip #6: Use Eyeliner and Creams Instead of Powder Eye Shadow


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"I hate eye shadow," Dubroff told us. "Or I don't HATE it, but it's definitely not my favorite—I like all things creamy for eyes." For the perfect shadow look sans powder, Dubroff recommends taking a creamy eye pencil (preferably in a brown hue) and outlining the crease, outer corner, and lower outer corner of the eye. Then, buff and blend it all in with an eye shadow brush. Never, she says, go beyond the outer corner of the eye—it's the top eye makeup mistake she sees as a makeup artist, and it immediately makes the eye look "sad." Dubroff says she's always telling people to use a little concealer to clean up the edges and outer corners. 

Tip #7: Don't Put Highlighter Under Your Brown Bone

According to Dubroff, nothing looks more unnatural or dated than a frosty highlight job right underneath your arches. If you put highlighter anywhere near your eyes, dust it ABOVE your brows or perhaps just dust whatever is leftover on your brush (like that shimmery eye tint!) and put it right under the middle of your arch for the most flattering payoff.

Tip #8: Never Powder Right After Applying Foundation

"You absolutely need to give foundation some time to just sit and chill out after you apply it, and before you go in with your powder," explains Dubroff. And if you can, try to forgo powder altogether; she says it's the product that immediately ages us. That said, if you're oily or know you're going to get oily, make powder one of your very last steps before heading out the door, and keep it strictly through your T-zone. Another case for delayed powder application? If you make a mistake later on with your makeup and you've already powdered, you're pretty much stuck and unable to fix it without making a complete mess.

Tip #9: Line Your Lips After Lipstick—Not Before


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First of all, Dubroff isn't a fan of the overlining trend, so let's just get that out of the way. Second, never, never line your lips first thing. Instead, she relies on using two different shades of lip color to create the optical illusion of extra fullness before going in with a lip pencil as the second step.

She explains that this allows you to see where the lip needs any extra "reinforcement," and you should opt for a pencil that's the same shade as the base of your lip. (The second shade can be deeper and applied in the middle of your pout for that aforementioned optical illusion effect.)

Oh, and never line the entire lip line—skip the corners and leave some space on the bottom and top outer areas because if completely connected, it will likely bleed to the sides of your mouth, and you'll be left with what Dubroff refers to as "Joker lip."

Tip #10: Use Micellar Water Instead of Normal Water to Fix Mistakes

This is one of the most sought-after beauty products for a reason—it's simply the best. Not only does every model and actress use it to wipe away stubborn makeup come the end of the night (it's gentle and effortlessly dissolves even the most stubborn formulas), but it's also the best antidote for makeup mistakes. Dubroff keeps this cute travel-size version with her at all times. It doesn't leave behind icky residue, and it seamlessly erases any errant makeup mistakes—but absolutely nothing else making it perfect for mess-free clean-up.

Tip #11: Pack a "Send-Off" Kit

Just like Dubroff sends her celebrity clients off with the bare minimum products for touch-ups, make sure you do the same for yourself before heading out for the day or night. Of course, what you're able to bring will be contingent on how much space you have in your bag, but Dubroff's send-off kit usually includes the lip pencil she used, your lip color, a powder-dusted puff wrapped in tissue, and a few Q-tips.

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