We Polled Our Entire Office, and These 9 Date-Night Makeup Looks Won Us Over

There's nothing better than a date night to inspire some serious makeup adventures. Whether you routinely step out on the weekends or will be dusting off your dancing shoes for the first time in a while, a fresh new face beat will take any activity on the schedule to the next level.

If you're feeling less than inspired for the big night, don't worry. We conducted a poll of all our editors and came up with nine universally adored date-night makeup looks you won't be able to resist. From glitzy, dramatic eye makeup to fresh skin and perfectly glossy lips, the looks are absolutely to die for.

Whether you're headed out for a night with your friends, gearing up for a date with a special someone, or just taking yourself out for a fancy solo dinner (amen to that!), check out the editor-approved celebrity makeup looks that are so beautiful you won't want to wash your face at the end of the night. But please always wash your makeup off, friends.

Bold Blue Eyes

Why we love it: A night out is the perfect excuse to ramp up your makeup and try something you normally wouldn't. This glittering, blue motif is so sultry and definitely date-night appropriate.

Colorful Eyeliner

Why we love it: "I don't wear dramatic makeup, so I have trouble changing things up for a night out. A subtle swipe of fun eyeliner would be the perfect solution, and I can do it without having to amp up the rest of my makeup."  Allyson Payer, senior fashion editor

Smudged-Out Eyeliner

Why we love it: "For date nights, I often wear winged eyeliner or a smoky eye, but I've never attempted this hybrid version, which feels particularly fresh. I especially love the focus on dewy, glowing skin and a neutral lip paired with the statement eye."  Kristen Nichols, managing editor

Rosy Monochrome

Why we love it: "It took me a long time to move beyond neutrals and earth tones for my makeup, but now that I have, I'm so in love with all things berry. A look like this one would be an instant confidence booster for a night out." — Courtney Higgs, associate beauty editor

Exaggerated Eyeliner + Flushed Lips

Why we love it: "I think it's always important to just be true to yourself when it comes to date makeup (obviously), but there is something so pretty and effortless about a shiny neutral or light-pink lip and glowing skin. But I love that the cat-eye adds something special without looking too dramatic or intense." — Erin Jahns, beauty editor

Smudged Under-Eyes

Why we love it: "I love the look of smudged liner because it creates an effortlessly cool vibe that I'm always trying to achieve for date night. So I'd probably wear a slip dress and a leather jacket to accompany the look." — Anna LaPlaca, associate fashion editor

Fresk Skin + Defined Lashes

Why we love it: "When I'm going on a first date, I like to play it cool (even though I am far from calm and collected), so I want to look put-together but not make it seem that I tried too hard. I also want to look like my normal self! I love this natural, unfussy look—the fresh, dewy skin and shiny lip with a hint of color would give me some extra confidence but still make me feel like myself." — Sarah Yang, managing editor, THE/THIRTY

Cut-Crease + Nude Lips

Why we love it: "I love that this look reads dramatic without being smoky. The neutral shadow really enhances her eyes in a way that feels more authentic than most going-out makeup looks." — Lauren Eggertsen, senior fashion editor

Shimmering Eye Shadow + Mauve Lips

Shimmering Eye Shadow + Mauve Lips
Best 9 Date Night Makeup Looks:



Why we love it: This look earned a vote from nearly everyone we polled, and for good reason. From the smoldering, luminous eye makeup to the rose-colored pout, it's a universal crowd-pleaser that's sure to turn heads.

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