How Much Do You Actually Need to Spend on a Bra?



So how much do you actually need to spend on a bra? To solve this shopping query once and for all, we asked a sales floor rep in the lingerie department at Nordstrom. (Why Nordstrom, you ask? According to our data, our readers are most likely to purchase bras from Nordstrom stores.) Here’s everything she had to say about splurging and saving on undergarments.

“Our most popular bras range from $60 to $70 from brands like Wacoal and Natori. Most of the less expensive bras are pretty but do not have the same support and comfort. If it’s a really good bra, I feel comfortable suggesting to shoppers to pay upward of $60. Our absolute most popular bra, by far, is the below convertible strapless bra from Wacoal. It is well worth the money because it stays well; it does not slide or shift. It also comes with straps in case you want the extra support.

“When it comes to shopping behavior, I’ve noticed people normally come in and get fitted, and once someone finds the right fit with the right brand, they come back and buy two or three more of the same kind,” the rep told us.

So if you’re in the market for a new bra, keep this price range and shopping tip in mind the next time you’re in the lingerie department.

Shop some of Nordstrom’s most popular bras below.