Stop: Don't Put Away These Trends Just Yet

These days, trends can move so fast, it can feel like you barely get a chance to wear your latest buy before a new style seems to take the top spot. But, zipping from one piece to the next can exhaust your budget (and honestly isn't great for the environment either). Sometimes, all you need is a little inspiration for how to keep wearing the pieces you've worn all spring.

Below, we're highlighting a few of our favorite of-the-moment styles for spring and helping you reimagine them for the months to come. Whether it's styling them with unexpected accessories or mixing and matching prints and colors, these pieces deserve another moment to shine. So, before you put away your spring wardrobe in favor of your summer duds, make sure to set these 10 trends aside for later.

Read on for a breakdown of how to wear 10 of springs biggest trends for the next six months!