54 Home Décor Gift Ideas Approved by the Fashion Set

home décor gift ideas



Before the world changed drastically, I was always the first in line to sign up for the riskiest trends. Revenge heels, cutouts… You name it; I tried it. While I still love dressing up for a party, I’d be lying if I didn’t say I swapped my obsession with heels for home décor over the past two years, like so many people around the world. Becoming obsessed with creating the chicest possible home filled with luxury candles and trendy lamps was only a natural move during quarantine. Of course, our newfound love for all home-related things won’t trump our desire to unwrap something stylish, but if you’re stressed about what to give your most fashionable friend for the holidays, then you’re in luck. Ahead, I’ve rounded up 54 fail-proof home décor gift ideas that the fashion set has been obsessed with, based on the latest trends. They’re already chic, but their home will be even more stylish thanks to these thoughtful gifts.

Idea #1: Coffee-Table Books
home décor gift ideas



Next to curating a handbag collection, any fashion person can tell you that no home is complete without coffee-table books. As simple as it sounds, giving them that book they have yet to buy for themselves will earn you brownie points.

Shop coffee-table books for the fashion set:

Who wouldn’t want to stare at Naomi Campbell on their coffee table? 

If you love fashion photographers as much as I do (or know someone who does), then give Antwaun Sargent’s The New Black Vanguard. The curation of 15 artists whose photography explores and challenges how we view the Black diaspora is a book they’ll cherish for years to come. 

My best friend gifted me with Rihanna’s iconic oversize coffee-table book, and it’s one of the best presents I’ve ever received. 

Feel free to quote me on this: Every fashion person has at least one Assouline book. It’s basically the LBD of coffee-table books. 

Every fashionable home is incomplete without at least one book cataloging the collections of their favorite luxury house. 

Pucci’s iconic prints took over our feeds and closets this past summer, so it only makes sense that they’re ready to claim space on our coffee tables.

For your art-obsessed friend, investing in a book cataloging the work of one of their favorite artists is the perfect gift idea. 

Do they love fashion as much as they love history? Then Amelia Rauser’s book cataloging the history of neoclassical dressing is a must-have.

I love collecting books that catalog the work of fashion photographers, and the next one on my wish list is Nadine Ijewere’s Our Own Selves. As the first Black woman ever to shoot a Vogue cover, her work is revolutionary in the fashion industry.

Idea #2: Candles
home décor gift ideas



Okay, maybe it’s a bit cliché to give someone candles, but frankly, they’re the staple piece of any chic abode. The key to gifting them with something that will light up their eyes and their homes is opting for quirky-shaped candles, luxury brands, and candleholders.

Shop candles for the fashion set:

Every fashion girl lives and swears by Diptyque’s candles.

Imagine this candle on their dresser—so chic, right?

Glass tea-light holders are the gift that keeps on giving. 

If you’re looking for a candle that’s as cheeky as they are, then Here for the Burn’s customizable candles are perfect. 

Body-shaped candles have been a thing among the fashion set for a hot second.

Another luxury candle brand beloved among the fashion set? Boy Smells.

A Gucci candle is the stuff of dreams. 

Tell me this is not the cutest candle set you’ve ever seen.

This may be the most Instagrammable candle to exist. 

Idea #3: Vases
home décor gift ideas



What fashion girl doesn’t live for a good floral arrangement? For the flower fanatic in your life, the most straightforward gift you can give is a chic vase (bonus points if you include dried flowers).

Shop vases for the fashion set:

I must admit that I, too, fell into the craze of being obsessed with Anissa Kermiche’s ceramic bodice vases, and I can report they’re very much worth the hype.

Okay, but H&M did not need to go this hard with this vase. 

This vase is on my personal shopping list, so you know it’s good. 

More favorites among the fashion set are Raawii’s stunning ceramic pieces. 

This vase is small, but it makes for a mighty gift. 

They’ll think of you fondly every time they use this stunning pleated vase. 

Is it just me, or is this vase a miniature version of a sculpture that could be found in the MoMA?

They’ll never guess these vases are from Zara. 

Idea #4: Dinnerware
home décor gift ideas



What to get that chic friend who’s always cooking or throwing dinner parties? There’s nothing more ideal than home décor—specifically stylish dinnerware. From cheese plates to wine glasses to napkin rings, there are a plethora of simple gifts that they’ll love.

Shop dinnerware for the fashion set:

This stunning colored stemware is worthy of the feed.

Giving a good cheese plate can land you on the nice list for life.

For the whiskey lovers on your list, this is the only thing you need to get them this holiday season. 

Checkered print has been big with the fashion set, so why not delight them with this chic oven mitt? 

If they live for a good cocktail, let them unwrap this bar tool set.

Every influencer has a collection of chic ceramic mugs; I can’t blame them. 

Every wine lover needs a chic bottle stopper. Bonus points if this is gifted with a bottle of wine. 

Idea #5: Gadgets
home décor gift ideas



It can be challenging to shop for the most stylish person you know, so I recommend giving home gadgets when in doubt. It’s a fail-proof way to give them something they will use on a day-to-day basis.

Shop gadgets for the fashion set:

I purchased my first record player using Afterpay, and it’s the best gift I’ve ever given myself. It’s an absolute must for any music lover on your list.

Fashion people are all about the vibes, so giving this chic Bluetooth speaker is the move. 

NGL, every fashion person I know is obsessed with instant film.

 I own this diffuser, and it’s worth every penny.

They can’t strut like they’re on the runway without music, so give the gift of wireless headphones. 

The chic homemaker of your friend group will lose it when they unwrap this iconic mixer. 

Up their selfie game with this remote-controlled tripod. 

TikTok fanatics can finally perfect their whipped coffee with this frother.

Does it get more millennial than a theater projector?

Idea #6: Cozy Things
home décor gift ideas



Any stylish homebody can tell you that, while they love their fair share of sweaters and boots, nothing beats receiving something cozy for your home. If you’ve made it this far and you’re still unsure of what to get, think of “polished practicality.” Give timeless items like a throw blanket or a robe to the most fashionable person on your list.

Shop cozy things for the fashion set:

Friends who stick to neutral hues will love this soft, waffle-knit throw blanket. 

If they love beauty and fashion, then give the gift of a silk pillowcase. It’s life-changing—trust me.

Give the best night of sleep they’ve ever had. 

You can give these slippers to anyone on your list.

A bathtime set is the perfect cozy gift idea.

Instagram was flooded by the fashion set with pictures of their perfect bathtime setup, making this caddy an ideal holiday gift.

They may have a serious cashmere sweater collection, but this luxe cashmere blanket will be a welcome addition to any home.