I'm Re-Creating the Priciest Décor Trends on Pinterest on a Strict Budget

Any one of my fellow editors can tell you that we live for spotting the newest trends. From jewelry to our readers' favorite spring lookswe love it all. But it's home décor trends that have been bubbling to the forefront of our minds. Of course, décor inspiration is abundant on social media, which makes it harder than ever to narrow down the best trends that are not only stylish but that are also budget friendly. Luckily for you, we rounded up 17 décor trends backed up by Pinterest data and deep-scrolling that you can easily replicate at home. Your dream home doesn't have to drain your bank account.

For spring/summer 2021, pastel hues were some of the most prominent color trends to dominate the runways, and this trend has translated to décor. According to Pinterest's insights, search inquiries for maximalist, colorful interiors have increased by five times the number of searches at the beginning of the year. But pinners aren't the only ones embracing maximalism. Some of our favorite fashion creators have already been decorating with a pastel color palette. Whether in the form of statement chairs, storage shelves, colorful bedding, or vintage-inspired glassware, social media has confirmed our hunch that pastels are very much happening, and we're not mad about it.

Homebodies and décor enthusiasts can likely recall falling into a Scandinavian-minimalism hole on Pinterest. The collective hold of these simple interiors is why Pinterest is dubbing Japandi the next big décor aesthetic. Japandi is a fusion of beloved Scandinavian design touches and Japanese-inspired elements—think pieces with sleek lines, neutral colors, and calm setups. When you're creating this at home, you'll want to opt for functionality over everything else and bring in earthly elements.

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There has been an explosion of home décor trends since the beginning of quarantine, but none have shaken me like low-sitting sofas. These floor-level modular pieces may seem harmless, but as a former décor editor, I can tell that they are high on the price scale despite being so low. The Mario Bellini Camaleonda Sofa can cost upward of $35,000, and the Ligne Roset sofa can cost anywhere from $3k to 13k for the set. Before you acquiesce to never getting low, keep scrolling because there are some affordable dupes that make riding along with this viral sofa trend so much easier.

Does this leather armchair look familiar? Let us introduce you to the Wassily chair. Anyone who follows their fair share of influencers may have seen this iconic contemporary chair designed by Marcel Breuer in the 1920s. But what you may not know is how expensive this chair actually is. It can cost anywhere from $2k to $5k, depending on the design features. Before you let out a whimper or give up on the idea of having the "Instagram" chair, keep scrolling for some affordable replicas that will give you the same thrill without the high cost.

Unless you get dressed without a mirror, statement mirrors are substantial in any fashion or décor lover's life. But upon further inspection, I found that there are, indeed, some mirror trends that are more beloved than others—the most recent being oddly shaped, quirkier mirrors like Ettore Sottsass's Ultrafragola Mirror, Gustaf Westman's Curvy Mirror, and the viral TikTok foam mirror. These unique mirrors make for great selfies. But if you're anything like me, you're not about to bust out 10k for a mirror or spend an entire Saturday trying to make one yourself. Thankfully, there are unique mirrors out there that don't require glue or an Amex black card and still deserve a place on your wall.

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Setting the mood in any space comes down to one thing: lighting. While there are a few décor trends we believe are worth investing in, none quite top the viral mushroom lamp and pleated lamp. The Murano lamp (or mushroom) along with the pleated lights have taken over social media, but if you don't want to spend more on a lamp than your electric bill costs, keep reading for affordable versions of these cherished pieces.

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ICYMI, checkerboard print is still alive, and the pattern can be found on everything from trend-forward pieces to quirky home décor items. But the specific iteration of this trend we can't stop thinking about is checkered rugs. From neutral hues to eye-catching colors, this is a décor trend that came up from right underneath us.

Call us basic, but there's power in a suitable candle collection. A great scent can make or break your space, but it's imperative to think beyond splurging on the best candle brands. Candles are a mainstay in any home, but opting for uniquely shaped candles and ceramic and glass candle holders and layering them on your tablescapes are the perfect ways to give your space a breath of fresh air.

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You can find the perfect armchair and the best scented candle, but to make your space a whole vibe, you want to round it out with the one element you haven't thought of yet: sound. Record players may sound niche and even too retro, but they have been commanding their space in fashion girls' homes for a hot second—can you blame them? Until we can go back to live concerts, why not jam out with Beyoncé on vinyl?

In Pinterest's own words, outside is in. From its reports, searches around the nomadic aesthetic, tents, and RV accessories were all up. Although avid pinners like myself will not be caught camping, you better believe we're still finding ways to honor nature at home. The easiest way to incorporate a little outside in your space is through flowers, plants, and even dried flowers. No matter what you prefer, just be sure to find a statement vase you love for all the potential photo-ops.

Unless you're an essential worker, work has likely changed dramatically for you. It is this sizeable cultural shift that has led to micro-trends in home office décor. Pinterest reported search inquiries around the term "cloffice"—a term created to explain how users are transforming closets into offices—have doubled. This shows is that, whether it's a closet, a dining room table, or a home office, we've all had to make working from home work for us. This is why investing in small things to make our makeshift offices more stylish is all the more necessary.

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While the Wassily chair has taken over social feeds everywhere, that doesn't mean it's the only armchair moment for the home. Crafting a cozy corner with your favorite statement chair, a small table, and small accessories is the perfect way to re-create your Pinterest-worthy chair setup on your terms. Should you struggle to find that décor piece you spotted a while back, test our Pinterest Lens feature to bring your cozy corner to life.

Since the start of the pandemic, we've embraced eating at home, which has contributed to the rise of a few décor trends. Pinterest searches for modern minimalist kitchen and dining rooms were up by 115% since the beginning of the year. Not only are minimal dining rooms the thing, but searches for gourmet food plating also increased by 105%, with colored glassware and clay plates leading the charge in terms of dinnerware. Basically, we've turned home into the most exclusive dinner club there is. That's a trend we'd make a reservation for.

While minimalism may be in for the dining and kitchen spaces, maximalism is on the rise. According to Pinterest, three times more pinners have begun to search for ideas around maximalist décor for small spaces. It's no easy feat to pull off maximalism in a small space, but one way it can be done (other than opting for pastel hues) is by doing the most with your coffee table. Layer on the books, add unique decorative objects, and pile on the candles—creating designated areas to channel this trend will ensure your small space doesn't feel overloaded.

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This is an editor's hunch here, but the dresser has become even more of a mainstay in daily routines, as it stores all the go-to comfy sweats and your prettiest necklaces. This is why styling it can make all the difference—add a great mirror, art you love, and cute jewelry holders for a dresser that sparks joy every time you see it.

Many have taken up new hobbies over the past year, including redecorating. But one hobby that's been undeniable is the revitalization of reading physical books. Since the beginning of the year, Pinterest has seen seven times the number of searches for home library design, and searches for bookshelf room dividers are up by 150% on the platform. There are so many ways to style your books, from mounted shelves to open cases to unique magazine racks. But no matter what you choose, remember it's all about the little details. Don't be afraid to splurge on some statement books or decorative items to make your library look its best.

It’s safe to say the pandemic has shifted how we view every aspect of our lives, not excluding our homes and well-being. No décor trend encapsulates that better than what we’re dubbing "bougie bathtime." Pinterest searches for "spiritual cleansing bath" were up 180% since the beginning of the year. Of course, the obsession with a perfect bathtime ritual is by no means a new trend. In fact, beautyscaping will continue to be significant. But the resurgence of this trend with a ritualist element makes this sacred pastime all the more representative of the times.