9 Holiday Trends That Are Right on the Mark (and 9 That Now Feel Irrelevant)


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As fashion editors, we've tested out plenty of holiday party trends over the years to find those ideal silhouettes that are equal parts festive and fashion. And many of these perfectly acceptable styles still reside in our closets to this day. In fact, I just glanced over at mine to see a shimmery dress hanging on the rack. But we all know that celebrations are looking different this year than holidays past, and our altered plans for this holiday season are influencing how we're getting dressed for them.

So with that in mind, we thought we'd share the holiday trends we're considering storing away due to their somewhat outdated nature this year (hopefully there will be a reason to dust them off next year!). Alternatively, we're also sharing the styles we're excited to test out this season instead. From pretty jewelry updates to easy-yet-eye-catching sweaters, keep scrolling to uncover the 2020 holiday trends our editors will actually wear (and what feels irrelevant now) to hopefully inspire your festive looks.

Will Wear: Easy (But Eye-Catching) Tops

Won't Wear: Sequinned Tops


"Sequinned or shimmery tops are a holiday mainstay, but this year, I'll be opting for a top that walks the line between eye-catching and easy, and most notably can be worn beyond the festive season. My aesthetic is earth angel in a cloud of puffy knits, and this Mango number fits the bill perfectly."

Will Wear: Festive Earrings

Won't Wear: Clutch Bags


"A cool little clutch bag is a great conversation starter, but without parties to carry one to this year, coupled with the fact that it may not fit a bottle of hand sanitizer, I'm putting it on hiatus. What I would recommend wearing instead is a fun pair of festive earrings that are even a conversation starter virtually. This Completedworks pair is particularly cool."

Will Wear: Matching Knit Sets

Won't Wear: '80s-Inspired Dresses


I always love wearing an '80s-inspired minidress for holiday parties, but since I'll be staying at home for the holidays this year, I'm turning to a matching knit set that's much more lounge-ready but one that still feels special. With details like pearl buttons or a shimmery fabric, these two-piece sets are the perfect balance between festive and cozy.

Will Wear: Cozy Shoes

Won't Wear: Sparkly Heels


"A great pair of sparkly heels are typically where I start when getting dressed for the holidays. This time around, I'm leaving my tall heels on hold and opting for cozy shoes instead. In my dream scenario, I'd be wearing Louis Vuitton's pillow boots or a pair of furry clogs."

Will Wear: Fancy Pants

Won't Wear: Velvet Dresses


"For holidays in years past, I always loved wearing dresses in lush fabrics like velvet. This year, I'm literally staying home, so I'll be a lot more casual, but that doesn't have to mean boring! I love the idea of a pair of fancy pants that I can wear with just a T-shirt or a simple blouse. I'm particularly obsessed with the beautiful floral print on these pants."

Will Wear: Cute Socks and Tights

Won't Wear: Glitzy Bags


"I usually love a glitzy bag for the holidays, but since I'll mostly be home this year, they seem rather obsolete at this time. Instead, I'll be amping up my look with comfy and cute socks and tights instead. Perfect for keeping me cozy throughout the holidays."

Will Wear: Plaid Skirts

Won't Wear: Sequinned Skirts


"Usually this time of year, I'd be knee-deep in my sequinned-skirt collection, but these days, I prefer a more subtle approach. Plaid feels very on the mark for the holidays without being overdone. I love the idea of this skirt with a black knit turtleneck and chunky gold hoops."

Will Wear: Festive Pajamas

Won't Wear: Party Dresses


"I always look forward to wearing a fun new party dress to our family's annual Christmas Eve party, but since that won't be happening this year, I plan on investing in some festive pajamas instead. Just because the dress code is quite literally pajamas this year doesn't mean mine can't be a tad fancy."

Will Wear: Loungewear Sets

Won't Wear: Velvet Suiting


"I'm a sucker for rich, colorful, velvet pieces—especially around the holidays. I'll rarely pass up the opportunity to slip into a matching velvet suit, but as we'll be laying low this year, I've found myself embracing a more pared-back version of the cozy trend in the form of matching loungewear sets. In fabrics ranging from velour to cashmere to wool, matching sets give the same cozy yet chic vibe that velvet suits of the past did, but they can be worn easily at home."

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