15 Unique Ways to Style a Skirt for Your Next Holiday Party

Skirt Outfits for a Holiday Party




As the holiday party invites start to roll in, it's inevitable to start thinking about what you are going to wear to each and every one of them. Whether they have dress codes or not, you can always count on dresses to look the part with zero effort. They're all-in-one looks that are always a safe option, but sometimes we just want to put in some effort, right? Half of the fun of the holiday season (and its parties) is coming up with unique outfits for each event from what you already have in your closet or with newfound items that complement your current wardrobe seamlessly. 

One item we are always drawn to is our skirts. From mini, midi and maxi skirts to pleated, velvet or even leather skirts, this garment gives the same effortless vibes as your dresses, but ultimately you decide the final look by choosing what to pair it with. 

If you have a skirt that you’ve been wanting to wear but don’t know how, there’s no need to freak out. Simply breathe in deeply and scroll on ahead to find 15 holiday outfits with skirts that are not only unique, but also extremely stylish. Hopefuly these will inspire you to finally wear that skirt that’s hanging in your closet.

Skirts and tiny bags have never looked so good. 

Have fun with textures and prints when it comes to putting your outfit together. 

Pretty in pink. 

Perfect outfit to go from the office to a casual party. 

Keep giving your miniskirt life by pairing it with bold tights. 

Have a skirt with a playful print? Pair it with an equally playful, and bold colored sweater. 

Take summer's most coveted skirt and make it fall-worthy by styling it with a neutral colored sweater. 

So chic! 

If your legs are going to face the cold, make sure your upper body is well covered with a chunky turtleneck and cozy jacket. 

Don't be afraid to color block and mix and match prints all in the same outfit. 

See you at the party, cowgirl. 

Pair your miniskirts with long boots for a nice balance. 

Use a belt to cinch up your oversize sweater and skirt. 

Faux-fur jackets go well with pencil skirts and tights. 

Pleated skirts are a fall favorite of ours. Especially, when paired with black booties. 

Now, consider this unexpected shoe style for an even more unique look. 

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