I Told My Friends to Try These 6 Easy Trends This Season

When it comes to fashion these days, items that are simple and easy are of utmost importance for many. So when my friends ask me for advice on what trends to try to mix it up for the season, I typically suggest trends that are fashion-forward yet highly versatile and easy to style. Yep, it’s said trends that I think can instantly enhance any wardrobe.

Below you’ll uncover the trends I recently told a few of my friends to consider trying throughout this holiday season. To showcase the looks, I actually scrolled through the feeds of some of my favorite fashion follows to pull out a bit of visual inspiration. I also combed through a range of shopping sites to find inspired picks in case one of the easy trends catches your eye.

Keep scrolling for more–those chic trends await.

1. Shacket

Easy fashion trend: shacket



If there's one easy piece that fashion people can't get enough of right now, it's the shacket. Incorporating one into any 'fit—even the simplest of looks—will take your vibe to that next level.

2. Cutout Sweater

Easy fashion trend: cutout sweater



While a sweater with cutout details is certainly directional, it's a great option to bring a forward twist to your looks. Team a silhouette with jeans, and you're set. Easy.

3. Flat Boots

Easy fashion trend: flat boots



Flat boots—particularly flat Chelsea boots—are one of the key silhouettes of the season. They're not only comfortable, but extremely versatile as well.

4. Matching Sweatsuit

A sweatsuit or coordinating knit set is absolutely no-fail. That flawless find is incredibly chic and obviously cozy as well.

5. Maxi Coat

Easy fashion trend: maxi coat



Another strong outerwear pick for the season would be the maxi coat. A roomier cut will up the comfort factor even more.

6. Leather Separates

Faux-leather items—like a blazer or pair of trousers—is another simple way to elevate a look. High-concept yet easy.