I Just Assembled 5 Expensive-Looking Summer Outfits Entirely From H&M

Refreshing one’s wardrobe for summer can be a costly business. The swimsuits, cotton dresses, sandals and linen separates all add up, especially if your usual wares are looking tired and you’re essentially starting from scratch. 

While we advocate investing in long-lasting foundation pieces, sometimes the budget just doesn't allow for a £100 dress or a £50 tank top. But the good news is you can always turn to high street stores such as H&M to deliver affordable, on-trend clothing. We're not saying every piece from these frugal fashion brands is worth your attention. Often, it's a case of digging through and plucking out the most premium-looking items. Although, it seems that H&M in particular has upped its game lately, and in searching through its new-in section I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of design and fabric choices.

In the process of scrolling, I found myself instinctively pairing certain styles together and assembling summer outfits in my head. Then I thought, why not share my imagined looks with you? Hopefully, the results will inspire fresh styling in your own wardrobe, or prompt you to add some of H&M's chic new pieces to your roster.

1. Beach Day


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Style Notes: In 2023, a linen shirt and matching shorts is the go-to combination for a beach day. Chuck the separates on over a bikini, add some strappy sandals and a tote bag and you're seaside-ready.

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2. Best-Dressed Guest


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Style Notes: As I get older and the number of wedding invites increases, I'm all for a low-budget guest look. H&M has so many beautiful event dresses to choose from, plus striking accessories to add that fashion flourish.

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3. Festival Chic


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Style Notes: Whether you're attending a festival or just want to tap into the distinctive dress code, this cool boho look will work on and off the field. It started with the cowboy boots, and got better and better with each added item.

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4. Warm-Weather Workwear


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Style Notes: Dressing for the office is tricky at the best of times—throw in a heatwave and it becomes doubly difficult. Opt for tailored pieces in breathable fabrics like linen, then complete the look with some smart yet summery accessories.

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2. Saturday in the City


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Style Notes: For a typical weekend afternoon, you want your outfit to feel relaxed, comfortable and sunshine-ready. Start with denim, then choose classic pieces you can wear all summer long and be confident you won't tire of.

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