I've Got Expensive Taste, But This £7 Tank Top Is My Most-Worn Summer Item


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H&M's ribbed vest top is the perfect partner for jeans. 

It's been an affliction of mine since I was young that I have ridiculously expensive taste, but rarely enough budget to indulge it. Much to my parents'—and now husband's—dismay, I've always believed I was put on this earth to lounge around my Malibu holiday home in top-to-toe The Row, with a closet full of Hermès waiting in the wings. Sadly, it's just not a reality for me (yet), so instead I've made a career out of finding the most expensive-looking and -feeling buys at a more accessible price point. I'm not embarrassed to say I can be a little bit of a snob when it comes to shopping—especially on the high street—as I hate compromising on quality and style for affordability. However, there is one item in my wardrobe that, even if (when) I win the lottery, I would still buy from the high street again and again—and it's a £7 ribbed vest top from H&M. 

As a fashion editor with quite classic, minimalist style, you can trust me when I say I've tried so many basic tank tops in my decade of working in this industry. For me, a white tank top is the linchpin of a successful warm-weather wardrobe—in fact, it's a piece I wear constantly year round as a layer, but it really comes into its own in spring and summer. From designer styles courtesy of Toteme and Agolde to premium high street versions from COS and Arket, I've put them all to the test, and the one that comes up top every time is H&M's ribbed vest top


(Image credit: @emilyjdawes)

I wear mine under a shirt, probably five out of seven days a week—don't worry, I own multiple.


(Image credit: @emilyjdawes)

It's the perfect base layer for tailoring in spring. 

I'm not the only number one fan, either. The tank top in question has over 1000 reviews with an average of 5 stars and as a result it's honestly a miracle if you manage to find it in stock. What makes it so good, I hear you ask? Well, firstly, it comes in a multitude of colours to choose from (yes, I have it in many of them). Secondly, the cotton used is really nice and thick, so it feels supportive when you put it on and it's not see-through either (meaning there's no need for a bra for those of us who feel comfortable enough without one). Thirdly, the slight racer design is really flattering, hitting at all the right points—plus, it's available in a diverse range of sizes and most colours go up to a 4XL (bravo, H&M). And finally, it washes really well—I've put mine through the ringer so many times and it's not stretched, bobbled, worn out or anything. 

All this for a bargain £6.99. If you don't have one, get one (or a few, like I did)—then thank me later. 

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(Image credit: @emilyjdawes)

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