H&M Just Started This Pretty Hoodie Trend

There's something very comforting about a sweatshirt with a hood. I guess I like the ability to be able to hide or warm up my ears at any moment. But the point of this story is not all the many uses for a hoodie (my favorite is protecting my hair from the backs of airplane seats, what's yours?). The point is that H&M has so many good, cheap hoodies, and I don't really feel the need to shop for them anywhere else. That's exactly what I was doing recently when I started to notice a theme...

H&M is doing some genius hoodie styling these days. I always just let my drawstrings hang there, but I now see that I've been doing it all wrong. H&M had fun with both its zip-up and pullover styles, tying the strings in pretty bows and knots. First up is my favorite: Tying the strings of an unzipped hoodie in a bow. I may never go back to free-hanging hoodie strings again, thanks to H&M.

Scroll for all the pretty hoodie string ideas and to shop my favorites.


I told you it's pretty.

Any former Girl Scouts willing to help me with this one?

I may have to study these loops a little closer.

Logo sweatshirts are now even cooler.

Great sweatsuit styling idea, you're welcome.

I really may need to order a knot-tying book.

Tired of bows? How 'bout a half-bow.

Another idea: Just cinch it.

This is how to keep the aforementioned cinch in place.