I Compared 1200 H&M Items, and These Are the Best Bets

H&M Best Fall Items



H&M currently has 6477 women's items for sale on its site. Since no one has time to scroll through that (even this committed editor), I decided to cherry-pick the best pieces from the shopping sections I knew would have the most stylish items. Don’t get me wrong—I still scrolled through a good 1200 items to arrive at today’s edit. My secret was to peruse the fall shop categories, which are organized by the season’s best trends, including corduroy and plaid; the premium-quality section (hello, cashmere!); the studio collection (the brand’s most forward offering); and the Conscious Collection (smart and chic). I arrived at the below curation. Scroll down to shop the cream of H&M’s bountiful crop.

Why It's Worth It: In case you missed the photo above, this coat looks absolutely gorgeous when shot outside a studio IRL. Plus, $70 for a new, well-made coat is just about as good as it's going to get.

Why They're Worth It: If you get the pink coat above, promise us you'll get these too. Corduroy is majorly back for fall, and we're especially enamored with a matching look for the cozy fabric.

Why It's Worth It: We're trying to envision a time when this classic check would be out of style, but we just can't do it. Go ahead and pull the trigger.

Why It's Worth It: Why yes, H&M, I do need a glittery top for $6. The spaghetti straps feel oh so '90s.

Why It's Worth It: With the prairie trend going strong, there's no better time to add a vintage-inspired lace top to your cart.

Why It's Worth It: We have one question: When was the last time you bought yourself a nice new piece of lingerie? If it's been a while, or you just plain like this pretty patterned bra, we're betting you won't regret this $25 purchase.

Why It's Worth It: So, this roundup may be a little coat-heavy, but can you blame us? The season is turning, and this teddy-bear stunner was not to be left out of the mix.

Why It's Worth It: This sweater looks like angel cloud whip. We're not sure what exactly angel cloud whip is, but just go with it. It also comes in a heavenly pastel yellow ir blue, if pink isn't your thing.

Why It's Worth It: We're trying to love all the sweaters equally in this roundup, but this one just may take the cake. The asymmetrical slit and collar detail are a cut above.

Why It's Worth It: Because contrast stitching is inherently kind of badass. End of story. 

Why It's Worth It: This top kind of feels like The Row, i.e., expensive. The cuffs are gorgeous too. 

Why It's Worth It: A cursory glance may not reveal that these pants are actually quite lit. If you pause for inspection, you'll see the neither-here-nor-there cut is so nonchalant. The epitome of cool.

Why It's Worth It: You know snakeskin print is a huge trend, but we bet you didn't know that this skirt, unlike other fast-fashion options, is 100% leather.

Why It's Worth It: We're getting vintage Missoni vibes. Let this set be the one that finally gets you to wear chic pajamas outside the house.

Why It's Worth It: With the plethora of zebra and tiger print out there right now, take a sidestep from the trend mania with this unusual wood print.

Why It's Worth It: If you've been paying attention, you know leopard is it. This is the perfect dress to layer with a chunky knit on top.

Bikini Bottoms High Waist ($15)

Why It's Worth It: So we know swim season is but a distant memory, but is this suit reason enough to book a trip? The sporty cut on the top. The buckle belt on the high-waisted bottom. We rest our case.

Why It's Worth It: A high gloss puffer just feels substantially cooler than it's matte black cousin.

Why It's Worth It: If you're going to have one pair of non-neutral shoes, they should be red heels. These real suede versions are high quality without the high price tag.

Why It's Worth It: Because your work tops have been, well, working too hard, give them a break by introducing this tie-neck top to the rotation.

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